Top Glue Guys from State


Posted On: 05/22/18 1:27 PM

Jaylon White 2021 Oklahoma Power Wing

If you look at White’s game he has a lot of similarities coming up to his brother Juwan. Jaylon did a mix of just about everything for Oklahoma Power on the Wing this weekend. He was able to help them all the way to the finals with scoring, toughness, rebounding, and defense. White is going to be a guy to watch as he appears to be set for a breakout year at Norman North this fall.

Malik Pete 2019 OKC Falcons Post

Pete was a great fit for the OKC Falcons down low providing them exactly what they needed this weekend toughness and great rebounding inside. He does not make the flashy play but makes a lot of correct plays. The fight inside of Pete for rebounds led to a ton of extra possessions.

Braiden Clark 2019 Bulldogs Forward

This weekend Clark brought his hard hat from the opening game for the Bulldogs. They are a scrappy tough team that plays together, Clark embodies that. He has good size as a Forward around 6’6, which helps him rebound and defend. He is not afraid of doing the dirty work down low. A huge plus is his mid-range jumper that adds so much to his offensive game.

Connor Slater 2019 Game Changer Hoops Wing

Slater is the perfect role player for Game Changer Hoops 17U squad. This weekend Slater is getting more touches with some guys not here this weekend. Although he has been playing as a role player doing all of the small things for Game Changer Hoops he was able to showcase what he can do as a more primary option. Slater is an under the radar player at Elgin that I believe will blow up with small college offers in July.

Aiden Walker 2021 Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma Forward

Walker will likely end up being a Wing at the next level. At this age, however, he is the perfect Forward for Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma doing a little bit of everything. He can score the ball inside effectively against just about any other big with his quickness being a matchup problem. Walker catches your eye immediately with his hustle and toughness. He was one of the best rebounders this weekend.

Austin Fenton 2020 Oklahoma Impact Forward

Every team hopes to have a player down low working hard for every ball, Fenton fulfills the role for Oklahoma Impact 16U. He was constantly finding the basketball for rebounds on both ends. A huge plus is he can also score the ball when given good looks down low.

Andrew Keathley 2019 Game Changer Hoops Post 

Keathley is a prospect that is emerging as one of the best NCAA Division II big prospects in Oklahoma this year. He battled this weekend not giving in one bit in the paint. The big rebounds late in the game Keathley was able to secure. He is also getting better at being a scoring force for Game Changer Hoops. Keathley is set for a monster July.

Ifiyah Balaga 2020 Ball 4 Life Wing

The consistent play of Balaga is huge for Ball 4 Life. The best way to describe his game is a player that can do a little bit of everything. The motor of Balaga runs at a high pace on both ends of the floor.

Myles Jeffries 2020 Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma Wing

While I was watching a talented Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma 16U squad, Jeffries stood out over the complete game. Not because of one big play, but a bunch of just solid plays. Whether he has the ball in his hands, is on defense, or is on offense without the ball, Jeffries makes the right plays. He was able to score the ball fairly well. A player the likes of Jeffries adds so much to a team with his versatility. The versatility mixed with his high motor had Jeffries as one of the best “glue guys” in the tournament.

Aiden Vaughn 2022 Synergy Point Guard

Vaughn is not the biggest on the court by any means. If you thought his size was going to hinder his game you are wrong. He was constantly making plays for his team doing the little things on the court from diving on the floor to grab a loose ball to get a rebound.

Cayden Carter 2022 Synergy Forward

Carter is not afraid to do the dirty work in the paint down low. He battled for boards grinding it out for his team all weekend long. The energy he plays with feeds his teammates around him.

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