Top Floor Generals from Prep Hoops Oklahoma State


Posted On: 05/21/18 2:05 PM

CJ Campbell 2019 Oklahoma Eagles Point Guard

Campbell is having a great Spring showing his full set of skills at the Point Guard spot for the Oklahoma Eagles. The quickness of Campbell mixed with his high-level basketball IQ makes for a well ran offense. Campbell led his team in points and assists playing unselfish ball.

Nate Goodlow 2020 Team Griffin Point Guard

Goodlow was fantastic this weekend at the Point for Griffin. He diced up defenses scoring the ball at a high rate, which led to big openings in the defense. Goodlow was the best Point Guard I saw this weekend.

MJ Warrior 2020 BTR Point Guard

This weekend Warrior was excellent for BTR getting his team into perfect situations for points. Where his vision and passing skills were best displayed was in transition situations. Warrior has the ability to beat just about any defender off the dribble, which helps open shot opportunities for teammates.

Tristan Hines 2019 Ball 4 Life Point Guard

Hines has a great handle on the basketball. To go along with his handle he is lighting fast with the ball in his hands. He was great at using his ability to create with the basketball to get his teammates open looks at the basket.

Stephon Hall 2018 OK Respect Point Guard

Hall got OK Respect going on the offensive end creating openings for teammates off the dribble. He has found the balance of when to shoot and when to make the extra pass. Hall has a great feel for the game.

Will Hill 2020 BTR Point Guard

Hill had a breakout weekend with BTR showing his versatility on the floor. The tough grit he brought on both ends of the floor led BTR to a deep run in the tournament. Hill appears to be a player set for a monster season for Tulsa Memorial.