Posted On: 05/27/18 12:16 PM

Darius Hicklen 2019 Crab5 Elite Wing

Offensively, Hicklen was a force all weekend for Crab5 Elite. He forced teams to respect him early in the game by hitting open jumpers. Then he went to what he is most known for his ability to be able to attack the basket with success. The strong finishes inside by Hicklen were impressive.

Trey Green 2019 Oklahoma Impact Wing

Although Green is not the fastest player he finds ways to get to the basket and finish strong among the tall trees. The strength of Green plus his height around 6’3 help him to explode and finish. Smooth would be a good way to describe his drive to the bucket.

CJ Campbell 2019 Oklahoma Eagles Point Guard

The quickness of Campbell left defenders wondering how he blew past them so quickly. He made great decisions with the ball in his hands knowing when to take it all the way to the rim or throw up a nice floater. Campbell was one of the best players I saw this weekend at getting to the bucket and scoring.

Ira Richardson 2019 Oklahoma Hustle Wing

Richardson is able to get to the rim with great quickness off the dribble. The bounce, length, and size at 6’4 helps him to be able to finish strong in the paint. Richardson is slowly but surely improving each time out on the court.

Kavon Key 2019 BTR Wing

The strong physical build of Key is impressive at his age. Thanks to improved dribbling skills Key was able to get to the paint and bully his way to buckets inside. Key appears to be set for a monster July with his physical skill set and improving basketball skills.

Jaxson Robinson 2021 Team Griffin Wing

Robinson is starting to gain a lot of confidence in his skills to drive to the basket. The 6’5 frame of Robinson is appealing with more room to grow physically and on the court. If Robinson can continue to realize he can get to the rim just about anytime he wants to, lookout he will be very tough to stop.

Jalen Orange 2022 Ferguson Elite Point Guard

Orange was tough as nails at the Point Guard spot for Ferguson Elite. He barreled his way to the hoop with his strength and found ways to finish among the trees in the paint. Orange is going to be an intriguing prospect to watch at Shawnee. The biggest question about his game is will he grow anymore? One thing is for sure the kid is a gamer.

Noah Brown 2018 Oklahoma Hustle Wing

The athleticism of Brown allowed him to grind his way to the hoop and make plays in traffic. The strength of Brown adds to his athleticism when finishing shots. He made some impressive moves to the hoop this weekend.

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