Posted On: 05/28/18 12:18 PM

Quinton Harvey 2019 Ball 4 Life Forward 

Harvey is going to likely be a Wing at the next level, however, he is not afraid one bit to battle down low playing at the 5 for his summer team. It seemed every time I looked over to see a play Harvey was making a block or adjusting a shot around the rim. The long wingspan of Harvey with his athleticism makes him tough to handle.

Phillip Smitherman 2020 Team Buddy Buckets Wing

Smitherman is a strong, athletic 6’3 Wing for Team Buddy Buckets. He gave opposing offenses fits this weekends using his strength to stand tall and athleticism to block shots. The deceptive quickness of Smitherman adds to his defensive game helping him to exploit the passing lanes.

DJ Jones 2019 Oklahoma Hustle Wing

The biggest reason Jones makes this list is his hustle, determination to be a good defender, and versatility. The fact Jones can guard so many different positions makes him a huge key for Oklahoma Hustle on defense.

Sam Godwin 2020 Team Buddy Buckets Post

Walking out to the floor Godwin was a pleasant surprise at 6’7 in the paint. He towered in the paint with great hops blocking and adjusting shots left and right. Godwin was one of the best defenders I saw this weekend at playing tough defense and not fouling.

Davyjon Ford 2020 Oklahoma Impact Wing

The athleticism of Ford jumps out from the get-go. Opposing players put up layups in fear of Ford coming back for explosive blocks off the backboard. He was also a force in the passing lanes making things difficult for the other team. Ford is going to be a jewel in the Oklahoma 2020 Class.

David Oyona Ibandzo 2023 Team Griffin Post

Oyona is going to be a prospect NCAA Division I programs will want to have on an early 2023 list right now. He is playing up with Team Griffin 15U providing great size at 6’9 with a physical build to be in the 7th grade. The way Oyona clears the boards playing up two ages is a treat to watch. Opponents drove in and found out he can block shots with good hops at 6’9. He jumps so high sometimes that he blocks shots with his elbow. Oyona has a chance to be really good.

Nate Goodlow 2020 Team Griffin Point Guard

There are not too many players nowadays that make defense a great priority, Goodlow happens to be one of the few. When you watch him defense you can tell he takes it personally when an opposing player scores on him. The fire and competitiveness of Goodlow are off the charts.


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