They Got Next!

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/21/18 4:42 PM

The Elite 32 Tournament last weekend featured a very high amount of talent, although there were quite a few players that caught our attention, there were two players in particular that we left very impressed with. Both of these young men are still young as they are only in the class of 2022 but we like the potential that they have as players and prospects. Lets take a look at these youngsters and review what we feel makes them special:

Team Nothing Easy Guard Jamari McDougald: You don’t have to watch him for a very long time to see the potential that he has, he has a quick first step, nice ballhandling skills and is a very impressive shooter. Early on in the game he had it going from deep, pulling up from college and NBA range, he has a quick release which you always love to see from a guard early on. Once the defense began to play up on him, he used his speed and ballhandling skills to get into the paint and make plays for himself and others. As the game went on his shot didn’t fall as much but he never lost confidence and continued to play at a high level, there is a lot to like about this young man and he is one to keep a very close eye on.

Elite One Ballers Wing Avion Pinner: His performance wasn’t necessarily jaw dropping from a stats perspective but from an impact and upside view, you have to be impressed. He already has impressive height for a youngster his age and seems to have a nice natural feel for the game, his motor can still use a bit more turning up but overall he has a high amount of potential. Normally when you see a player with his height and length, you see them spending a ton of time in the post, that’s not the case for Avion, he makes his impact in multiple ways. Riverside HS will be the location where he will his prep basketball which is a program that has made the state tournament at a very high rate.