The Unranked – Analysis on 7 of NC’s unranked players

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/22/18 12:56 PM

Freedom Christian 2020 Guard Jamel Carter: When the season began he was coming off the bench for Freedom Christian but as time went on he rose to the occasion and showed that he can not only run a team but excel at doing so. He plays the game at his own pace, makes good reads and doesn’t back down from a challenge, there is a lot to like about his game and what he brings to the table.

New Life Christian Guard Pharell Davis: This was his first year at New Life Christian and although he played a limited role, you can see the potential that he has. He can shoot the ball at a nice level and is still growing, there is a lot of upside to him and he will be one to keep an eye on.

Liberty Christian Academy 2021 Guard Daymon Beckwith: Beckwith has played his way into being a top 30 player in the 2021 rankings, we got our first chance to see him play this spring and we left very impressed with his talent and potential. His numbers during the high school were outstanding as he took home NCCAA All-State honors.

Westover HS 2019 Guard Thomas Hendricks: Honestly the only way that he went unranked was by an oversight on our behalf. Hendricks has been a huge part of the Westover HS squad success and will look to have a big time senior year on the court and on the football field. His playmaking and shooting was called on this year and he will have to step into an even larger role with the departure of multiple seniors.

Lejeune HS Guard Karee Smith: The height and wingspan that he has for a guard, caught our attention pretty early on. Each time we have seen him play he has continued to get better and we like the upside that he has, he should see his name mentioned in the next NC 2020 Rankings.

New Life Christian 2019 Wing Latrell Jones: Making the move to New Life was one of the best moves that we saw in the area last season. He became a player who not only had a starting role for the squad but was also one of the more efficient players for the team throughout the season.

Northside HS Forward Quincy Martin Jr: It seems like Northside HS continues to have a new player every year that we get the chance to see that intrigues us and Quincy is the latest. He has good size and athletic ability as well as the ability to play multiple positions, how good he can be will be totally up to him as he has the potential to be a very good prospect.