Posted On: 05/4/18 3:22 PM

The SPTS 16u level will match-up several strong 16u squads in the area. Today we take a look at the 16u competition of the SPTS.

Current Standings

  1. Southwest Minnesota Stars: 0-0 (4-0)
  2. Fury Zurn: 0-0 (15-1)
  3. WOTN Davis: 0-0 (12-1)
  4. OSA Crusaders Adidas: 0-0 (11-2)
  5. Comets Stumpf: 0-0 (11-3)
  6. ECI Prospects: 0-0 (3-1)
  7. Heat Moberg: 0-0 (13-5)
  8. OSA Crusaders National: 0-0 (6-4)
  9. Pentagon Schoolers: 0-0 (2-2)
  10. Minnesota Select Cave: 0-0 (5-7)


Season Predictions

  1. Minnesota Fury Zurn
  2. OSA Crusaders Adidas
  3. Wear Out the Net Davis
  4. Minnesota Comets Stumpf
  5. OSA Crusaders National
  6. Minnesota Heat Moberg
  7. ECI Prospects
  8. Southwest Minnesota Stars
  9. Minnesota Select Cave
  10. Pentagon Schoolers


Five items to watch this weekend

Fury Zurn vs Familiar Opponents. The Fury Zurn squad is fresh off a weekend championship and now they have a four game weekend coming up with two teams that they will have to beat for a second time: Comets Stumpf and Heat Moberg. With the Fury profile being high they should get everything their opponent has. The other games are against the Pentagon Schoolers and the OSA second squad that the Fury just smacked 60-32 last weekend for the Proving Grounds championship. Only the fourth weekend in and Fury Zurn only has one new opponent so, will somebody be able to get them this weekend?

Pentagon Schololers vs The Best. The toughest weekend slate has to be that of the Pentagon Schoolers. They start off with the Southwest Minnesota Stars who won the Spring Jam event the Schoolers hosted. Then they faced the OSA Adidas squad that has lost twice all year and spent the past two weekends playing some of the best 16u teams in the nation. On Sunday the Schoolers get 15-1 Fury Zurn followed by 12-1 Wear Out the Net.

WOTN Favored in All. The Wear Out the Net 16u crew has one loss, to Fury Zurn. They are 8-0 in NY2LA play and will be favored in all of their games this weekend. The OSA Crusaders second team and ECI will be the first day opponents for WOTN and then their opponents on day will be Pentagon Schoolers and Select Cave. All teams that WOTN has the talent to beat.

ECI vs OSA Two. ECI’s 16s are playing four of the top five teams in the event so the squad that the North Dakota kids have the best chance to beat is the OSA Crusaders National team which is their second group.

Southwest vs St. Cloud. The kids from Southwestern Minnesota led by Gavin Voiska of BOLD and Rudy Voss of JCC lead their undefeated team against the team based out of St. Cloud (about half St. Cloud area kids but that is their base) that includes Noah King of Caledonia and Matt Willert of Buffalo.