Posted On: 05/10/18 12:48 PM

One of the biggest myths in the sport of basketball is that just because you are tall that you are automatically equipped with soft hands and nimble feet to score consistently in the paint. 

Whenever you walk into an AAU event, you will see the biggest player on the floor demanded to post up and that they have mismatch but that is not always the case.

As a college scout, I would often wonder why some high school and grassroots teams would consistently throw it down to a big man who is oozing with uncomfortability on the block. That is a waisted possession.

As a big man, you know if you can score or not so when you are forced into a playmaking role when that is not your game is not ideal.

You can just feel the eyes on you and the collective sighs from your teammates whenever you miss. A coach always yells out “good move big fella, thats alright” right on queue.

The position of center should be more carefully analyzed as we do with guards. We don’t ask guards who cant dribble to get the outlet and bring it up and call a play.

A lazy approach to the center position from some coaches has created a notion that all bigs should score and when they don’t then they are labeled “soft” or not using their size.

As a young coach and recruiter, I wanted so badly to visualize a prospect as a dominant low post scorer just because of their physical attributes.

Instead, I should have focused on how comfortable they were when the ball is thrown to them.

How patient are they? Do they lead with their hip or with their shoulder and just try to muscle to the basket out of control?

Do they catch and look over their inside shoulder to recognize the double or to let cutters clear out?

I compare playing in the post like being in the driver seat of a car. Does it look like a comfortable fit? Do they seem at ease when their back is to the basket?

There are less and less bigs who are at peace and have full confidence in their ability to score when they are sealed and holding up their hand asking for the ball.

However, there are plenty of bigs out there with different types of games that should be appreciated and used accordingly.

There is a variety to the position that is fun and interesting to figure out. Some bigs are strictly muscle who play with a high motor, set screens, and get your skilled guards in positions for easy looks.

Some bigs are great outlets for your guards whenever they get in tough situations around the rim.

There are more skilled players who have size and struggled to finish around the rim but have great touch from 15′ ft and out.

Dont get me wrong, there are some kids out there who can score all day in the post.

However, it’s few and far between so I think we should take more time to understand a big man’s way of playing the game at a high level.

Bigs come in all shapes and styles.