Posted On: 05/18/18 1:19 PM

The two-day Compton Magic LEAGUE serves as an excellent tune-up event for local Adidas programs in advance of the Adidas Regional Qualifier on Memorial Day Weekend. It also allows scouts to zero in on players and teams, as they play in four showcase games over the weekend at Westminster High.

The host team, the Compton Magic, went undefeated at every level. But standouts abounded from many of the programs on hand. Here, we look at some of the underrated standouts from the two-day affair.

The LEAGUE: Under-the-radar standouts

Fallou Cisse, 6-7 2021 F, Balboa School/ California Select

Cisse continues to shine on the Select 16u team by keeping it simple. He runs from rim to rim hard, protects the goal, rebounds in and out of his area, and has a nice jump hook over his left shoulder. His length and athleticism are off the charts.

2021 Gamepoint G Trevan Martin is one of the better offensive rebounders in the class

Trevan Martin, 6-2 2021 G, Santa Fe Christian/ Gamepoint

Martin is a relentless combo guard whose game is defined by his toughness. He attacks the rim with reckless abandon, and finishes plays  through contact. His offensive rebounding is an underrated aspect of his game, as he attacks the glass and scores on second-chance baskets with regularity. Simply put, Martin has a nose for the ball.

Albert Pichardo, 6-3 2020 WF, Army Navy/ SDA 16u

Pichardo plays a lot of “point forward” for his SDA team, and with good results. He sets the table for his teammates with his straight line speed, which he uses to get down hill. He can finish plays himself (favors his right hand), or find open shooters on the perimeter. Pichardo himself is a solid spot-up shooter and has improved shooting off of the dribble. Defensively, he plays much bigger than his size, and uses his strong from to gain leverage over bigger defenders, and can dominate the glass against same-size opponents.

Joshua Lee, 6-5 2020 WF, Bishop Montgomery/ LA Elite

On a team with a ton of interchangeable pieces, Lee proved to be the most potent scorer in LA Elite’s one-point loss against Gamepoint. Lee did most of his damage on straight line drives from the perimeter, where he finished through contact or drew fouls and knocked down free throws. He took advantage of mismatches on the perimeter, where he was guarded by Gamepoint’s bigs, and used his speed and craftiness to his advantage. Lee did the same thing against Cali Rebels, when he scored a team-high 18 points.

Sebastian Mendoza, 6-4 2020 WF, Hillcrest/ Team Inland 17u

Inland Empire basketball fans known Mendoza from the Division 4AA champion Trojans. But if his play this weekend is any indication, he will become more of a regional household name in short order. The well-built wing type is a strong slasher, who gets to the rim at will, where he can finish through contact and above the rim. He has explosive vertical athleticism and embraces contact rather than shy away from it. Mendoza’s offensive repertoire extends to the mid-range, where he has a nice pull-up game to boot. He sometimes forces drives and needs to change speeds in the halfcourt, but Mendoza is one to watch.