The Best of April!

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/2/18 10:28 PM

Best Buzzer Beating Game Winner: Khalil Marshall of WCBA takes home this award with his shot last weekend vs Stackhouse Elite. With the game in overtime, Khalil pulled up from just past half-court to knock the game winning shot as time expired, the scary part is that he is only a freshman.

Best Blocked Shot: Red Storm Wing CK Everett takes this award home with the blocked shot that he sent to the bleachers a few weeks back. He’s one of the highest jumpers in the state and does a good job of using that ability on both ends of the floor.

Best Back to Back Clutch Performances: Flight 22 Guard Talton Jones takes this award home as he helped his squad get last second wins on consecutive weekends. During Big Shots Myrtle Beach he converted a floater in the final seconds for the win, the next weekend in Greensboro he knocked down a free throw only seconds remaining for the win.

Best High flyer/High Motor Award: Whenever you have a player that can play above the rim but also gives maximum effort on each possession, then you have to be interested in what he can do. WBC Elite F Jace McKinney is one of those guys for sure, he can throw down a highlight but is more than willing to dive on the floor for loose balls.

The Gary Payton Award: We all know that trash talking is a part of the game, so it’s only right that we have an award for the best trash talker of the month. This award goes to Bull City Select Guard Damon Sanders, now don’t get it confused, he is a talented player that handles his business on the court. However he loves to talk trash and you can hear him constantly going at it with opponents throughout the games.

Best Comeback Performance: This one goes to Flight 22, in one of their matchups they began the game down 22-3 but would work their way back into and get the win to survive and advance.

Best Name: The award goes to Defenders Elite 2019 Wonderful Ngwenah, he had some solid showings but what catches your attention almost instantly is his name.