Posted On: 05/1/18 1:00 PM

Ryan Conway, a class of 2021 Point Guard at Dulaney High School, is off to a strong start this spring with Team Melo. The skilled and hard-working freshman, who was a standout at Spring Jam Fest in PA, caught up with Prep Hoops last weekend for the Basketball Interview.

PH: Who do you model your game after?

RC: “Kyrie Irving.”

PH: What’s the most improved part of your game in the last 12 months?

RC: “Decision making.”

PH: What part of parts of your game are you currently working on?

RC: “Athleticism and conditioning.”

PH: What are your goals for the spring and summer?

RC: “To ultimately get better and learn as much as I can.”

PH: What is your favorite venue that you’ve ever hooped in?

RC: “My favorite venue I ever hooped in was the Greensboro Coliseum Arena. I played there in the National championship game.”

PH: What is your pregame routine like?

RC: “My pregame routine is listening to music. That gets me focused.”

PH: What do you think you can bring to a college program down the road?

RC: “Down the road I think I can bring my scoring ability, and defensive ability to a college program.”