The Basketball Interview: Devon Savage


Posted On: 05/8/18 11:00 AM

It had been been a little while since we had caught up with 2021 Devon Savage, and we had the chance to watch him play a few times up at Spooky Nook during the second April Live Period. The standout wing from Team Takeover spoke to Prep Hoops today for the basketball interview.

PH: What is the biggest difference between the high school and AAU season for you?

DS: “The biggest difference is during the high school season I have to be way more physical as a defender and be stronger with the basketball.”

PH: How do you anticipate your role growing at St. John’s?

DS: “I anticipate my role growing by me being more confident in taking shots, not being as nervous I was my first year, and just playing the way I know how.”

PH: What are your goals for the spring and summer?

DS: “My goals are to just get on coaches radars for college, hopefully pick up an offer, and to just keep getting stronger and faster for next season.”

PH: It’s still obviously very early for you in the recruiting process, but what type of school do you see yourself at?

DS: “I can see my self at a school where the coaches chemistry with the players are very well, with a team that’s always giving the extra pass for the next man.”

PH: What do you think you can bring to a program at the next level?

DS: “I can bring my athleticism, my defense, my ability of being very vocal on the court, and of course my scoring.”