Team Rankings: 17u top 25


Posted On: 05/14/18 4:48 PM

D1 Minnesota went another weekend undefeated winning the Battle at the Lakes while the Fury picked up a huge win over the OSA Crusaders, and WOTN confused me the most, but they grabbed a couple bigs themselves!


RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1D1 Minnesota19-1Fury Wilde, Comets Lewis, Fury K, Heat Ismail, Heat Nelson, OSA Crusaders (+15), SE MN Lightning1
2Grassroots Sizzle UAA11-71848 (+7), Run GMC (+2)Mac Irvin (-2)2
3Fury Wilde18-3OSA Crusaders (+3), Comets K (+26), SE Mn Lightning, D1 MN Prospects, Fury K, Lightning, Heat Mac, Comets Lewis, 1848 (+17), Select LeafD1 Minnesota, WOTN3
4Howard Pulley13-10Comets K (+19)Mac Irvin (-6), OSA Crusaders (-7), Run GMC (-12)4
5Comets Lewis15-7Crossfire Belle, SW Stars, Select LeafD1 Minnesota, Fury Wilde, WOTN, Heat Mac5
6Comets K16-6WOTN Swed, 44 Elite, D1 Rise, SW MN Stars, D1MNpFury Wilde, Crossfire B, Howard Pulley6
7WOTN 14-8Heat Walli, Heat Mac, D1 MN Prospects, Select Leafblad, Comets Lewis, Fury WildeComets K, Heat Mac, SW Stars10
844 Elite13-8Playmakers Roe, Heat MacComets K7
9Heat MacDonald14-9Comets DLR, Select Leafblad, WOTN Swed, SW Stars, Comets Lewis44 Elite, WOTN Swed9
10Heat Nelson16-6Select Ellis, Select Leaf, Heat Wallj, Heat Henderson, 43 HoopsD1 Minnesota, Fury K11
11Twin Cities Pirates8-6D1 Rise16
12SE MN Lightning10-5Playmakers Deadrick, D1 RiseFury Wilde (x2), D1 Minnesota, Mentality MN8
13Crossfire Belle9-4Select Leaf, Heat Henderson, Fury Kaupa, Comets K, D1 RiseComets Elite, Heat Henderson12
14Heat Henderson13-7Select Ellis (x2), Mentality MN, 43 Hoops, Crossfire Belle, Bulldogs, Magic, D1MNpCrossfire Belle, Heat Nelson, Comets DLR13
1543 Hoops5-5Heat Ismail, WC Wildcats Elite, Fury KTeam Get Shook 16s, Heat Henderson, Heat Nelson14
16Fury Kaupa11-8Magic, Heat Nelson, RIP City, Mentality, WC United, UVA TateCrossfire Belle, D1 MN, Fury Wilde, 43 Hoops15
17Select Leafbald9-13Mentality MN, SW MN StarsCrossfire Belle, Heat Nelson, WOTN, Heat Mac, Fury Wilde, Comets Lewis17
18SW MN Stars6-7WOTNComets K, Select Leafblad, Comets LewisNR
19Comets DLR7-9Rip City, Heat HendersonHeat Mac, D1 MN Prospects20
20Mentality Minnesota12-7Comets D, Heat Ismail, WOTNch (x2), Heat Wallj, SE LightningSelect Leaf, Heat Henderson, Fury K19
21D1 MN Prospects11-8Comets DLR, Lace Up, Northern LakersFury Wilde, WOTN Swed, Heat Henderson, Comets K18
22Heat Wallj12-10Playmakers Roe, N Lakers, D1 Rise, RIP City, WOTN Swed, RIP City, WC Wildcats, Mentality, Heat Nelson21
23D1 Mn Rise9-9Rip City, Select BSE Mn Lightning, Crossfire Belle, Comets K, Heat Wallj23
24Rip City12-8Playmakers Deadrick, Heat Wallj, UV Tate, Select EllisComets DLR, D1 Mn Rise, Heat Wallj, Fury K, CEO Kings22
25Comets Dusharm13-11Crossfire P, WC United, E1T1 (x2), Select B, Select EllisHeat Moberg 16s, Select Ellis, Mentality MNNR
Others:E1T17-5Select Brown (x2), Crossfire P, Select EllisTC Finest, Comets D (x2)
Select Ellis12-9Heat Ismail, Comets D, TC Finest, Select BrownHeat Henderson (x2), Heat Nelson, Rip City, E1T1, Comets D
Crossfire P8-8Comets D, Select EllisSE Lightning, Comets D, E1T1, Select Brown
MN Bulldogs7-8School BousHeat Henderson
UVA Tate7-9WC WildcatsRip City, Fury K
Twin Cities Finest8-10Heat Ismail, N Lakers, EITI, WOTNchSelect Ellis (x2), D1 MN 15s, WC United
WOTNch5-8WC United, MagicComets Lewis, Mentality (x2), TC Finest
WC United8-14Suns, Heat Ismail, Comets D, WOTNch, Select B, Comets Lil 16s, Fury K
Heat Ismail12-11Suns (x2), Magic, West Central WD1MN, Select Ellis, Mentality, TC Finest, N Lakers, WC United, 43 hoops, Heat H
Northern Lakers5-3Heat Ismail, Select Brown, Magic EliteHeat Wallj, TC Finest, D1mnP
West Central Wildcats5-6Heat Wallj, UVA StanUVA Tate, Comets Lewis, Select Leaf, 43 Hoops, Heat Ismail
Select Brown7-13Comets Regional, WC United, Crossfire PRise, Crossfire P, E1T1, N Lakers, Grassroots B, Select E, E1T1 (x2), Comets D
MN Magic Elite4-11Fury K, Heat Ismail, WOTNch. N Lakers, Heat Henderson
MN Phenom2-8