Team Rankings: 17u, 16u & 15u


Posted On: 05/24/18 3:59 PM

The PHD team rankings have been updated to reflect the ECI Spring Preview and a few other events over the past weekend.  ECI Kretchman won the ECI Spring Preview going 5-0.



RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1SD Attack23-10ECI ProspectsECI Prospects1
2Pentagon Schoolers22-16Dakota Phenom, ECI (x2), SD Venom2
3ECI Prospects24-16ND Attack, ECI Selects, ND Phenom, SD Attack, Barn Burner AcademyDakota Schoolers (x2), SD Attack3
4ECI Selects23-12SD Crush, ND Attack, MN Bulldogs (+10 in title game)ECI Prospects, MN Bulldogs (-18)4
5ND Attack20-12ND Phenom, BBA Force, SH McVeyECI Select, ECI Prospects5
6SD Venom27-12Niners Select (x2), SH McVey, ND Phenom, BBA Force Shane, SH RamaBBA Force Shane, Pentagon Schoolers6
7Sacred Hoops Rama14-6Barn BurnerSD Venom7
8ND Phenom18-17MN Bulldogs (+4), BBA Force, SH McVeyPentagon Schoolers, SD Venom, ECI Prospects, ND Attack8
9BBA Force - Shane19-13SD Venom, Niners, SH McVeySD Venom, ND Phenom, ND Attack9
10Barn Burner15-6ECI Prospects, SH Rama10
11Sacred Hoops Bertram13-10SD Crush11
12BBA Force Reggie17-913
13SD Crush9-9SH McVeySH Bertram, ND Attack12
14Sacred Hoops McVey9-15Niners, BBA ForceSD Venom, Barn Burner, ND Phenom, ND Attack14
15Dakota Niners2-7Venom (x2), SH McVey, BBA Shane15



RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1SD Attack29-5Alliance, SD Network1
2ND Alliance14-6Pentagon Schoolers, ECI Prospects (x2), Gordon DTA GoldSD Attack2
3BBA Force Bartlett16-12Gordon DTA Gold (x2), ND Attack3
4Gordon DTA Gold14-10Pentagon Schoolers, ECI SelectsAlliance (x2), BBA Force (x2)4
5Pentagon Schoolers10-15ECI Selects,
Gordon DTA, ECI (x3)
Alliance, Gordon DTA Gold5
6ECI Prospects10-22Gordon DTA, ND AttackPentagon Schoolers (x3), Alliance (x2)6
7ND Attack15-13ECI Select, MW Magic, SH McgECI Prospects, Grizzlies, BBA Force7
8Midwest Magic22-2Gordan DTAND Attack8
9Sacred Hoops Sitig15-10Gordon DTA, SH LarsenSacred Hoops 15s, Barn Burner Academy9
10ECI Select11-21BBA ForceND Attack, Pentagon Schoolers, Gordon DTA Gold10
11SD Network8-16SD Attack11
12Gordon DTA10-15BBA Force, SH Larsen, BBA Force MaschND Attack, Pentagon Schoolers, MW Magic, Burn Burner, SH Sitig12
13BBA Force Maschino7-7ECI Select, Gordon DTA (x2)13
14Sacred McGhee5-10ND Attack14
15Sacred Hoops Larsen5-14Gordon DTA, Barn Burner, SH Sitig15



RankTeamRecordPHD Ws of NotePHD Ls of notePrevious
1SD Attack22-8ECI Kretchman (+22), WOTN, MN Crossfire B (+5), Phenom, ECI ProspectsMN Crossfire B (-4)1
2Pentagon Schoolers18-9ND Phenom, ECI Kretch (+14), ECI Prospects, WOTN, Wolves, SH MergenMN Crossfire B (-1)2
3BBA Force Hennen21-11Attack Green, BBA Trout, Dakota Wolves, Team Brandon3
4ECI Prospects20-16Attack Blue, SW Stars (+11), SD Venom, SH Mer, Pentagon Schoolers, SW Stars (-27), ND Phenom, SD Attack4
5ECI Kretch20-15Attack Green, Attack Blue, ECI Pure, SW Stars (+8), PhenomPentagon Schoolers, SD Attack, SD Network5
6ND Phenom13-20SW Stars (+4), ECI Prospects, Dakota WolvesPentagon Schoolers, SD Attack, ECI Kretch6
7Dakota Wolves7-6ECI Purintun, BBA Force Trout, Attack GreenBBA Force Hennen, Schoolers, Phenom7
8ECI Purintun18-16BBA Trout (x2), Attack GreenDakota Wolves, Attack Green, ECI Kretch8
9SD Network9-15Venom, ECI Kretch9
10ND Attack Green13-17ECI Pure, Attack BlueDakota Wolves, ECI Kretch, ECI Pure10
11ND Attack Blue12-16Team Brandon, BBA ReeseECI Prospects, ND Attack Green11
12Sacred Hoops Mergen9-12Sacred Hoops 16s, SD VenomECI Prospects, Pentagon Schoolers12
13SD Venom 15-15BBA Force Reese, Team BrandonND Attack Blue, SD Network, SH Black Hills, SH Mergen, ECI Prospects13
14Team Brandon8-7BBA Force Reese, Barn BurnerAttack Blue, Venom BBA Force14
15BBA Force Trottman9-13ECI Pure (x2), Dakota Wolves, BBA Hennen, Team Brandon, MW Magic 16s15