Team Rankings: 15u top12


Posted On: 05/16/18 1:08 PM

The Pentagon Schoolers had a fantastic weekend in the Sanford League while several PHD area teams performed strongly in the Battle at the Lakes.  Records and Rankings have been updated.


RankTeamRecordPHD Ws of NotePHD Ls of notePrevious
1SD Attack22-8ECI Kretchman (+22), WOTN, MN Crossfire B (+5), Phenom, ECI ProspectsMN Crossfire B (-4)1
2Pentagon Schoolers18-9ND Phenom, ECI Kretch (+14), ECI Prospects, WOTN, Wolves, SH MergenMN Crossfire B (-1)2
3BBA Force Hennen21-11Attack Green, BBA Trout, Dakota Wolves, Team Brandon3
4ECI Prospects20-16Attack Blue, SW Stars (+11), SD Venom, SH Mer, Pentagon Schoolers, SW Stars (-27), ND Phenom, SD Attack4
5ECI Kretch20-15Attack Green, Attack Blue, ECI Pure, SW Stars (+8), PhenomPentagon Schoolers, SD Attack, SD Network5
6ND Phenom13-20SW Stars (+4), ECI Prospects, Dakota WolvesPentagon Schoolers, SD Attack, ECI Kretch6
7Dakota Wolves7-6ECI Purintun, BBA Force Trout, Attack GreenBBA Force Hennen, Schoolers, Phenom7
8ECI Purintun18-16BBA Trout (x2), Attack GreenDakota Wolves, Attack Green, ECI Kretch8
9SD Network9-15Venom, ECI Kretch9
10ND Attack Green13-17ECI Pure, Attack BlueDakota Wolves, ECI Kretch, ECI Pure10
11ND Attack Blue12-16Team Brandon, BBA ReeseECI Prospects, ND Attack Green11
12Sacred Hoops Mergen9-12Sacred Hoops 16s, SD VenomECI Prospects, Pentagon Schoolers12
13SD Venom 15-15BBA Force Reese, Team BrandonND Attack Blue, SD Network, SH Black Hills, SH Mergen, ECI Prospects13
14Team Brandon8-7BBA Force Reese, Barn BurnerAttack Blue, Venom BBA Force14
15BBA Force Trottman9-13ECI Pure (x2), Dakota Wolves, BBA Hennen, Team Brandon, MW Magic 16s15