Posted On: 05/21/18 9:02 AM

It’s Monday, so that means it’s time to kick-off the recaps from the previous weekend. To quote the guy in the front row of yesterday’s Tru Game win over the Pumas, “THAT’S WHAT WE DO!” As always, we’ll pay our respects to the older division and cover all 17U top performances today.

The Super 16 was also home to plenty of underclassmen this weekend, so we will have evaluations on those players the next two days.

Brandon Rush (2019), 6’2” PG, TNBA Ohio / Warrensville Heights

When it comes to Rush, the first thing you have to mention is his scoring ability. He creates separation from any spot on the floor and impresses, for example, with creative one-foot step-backs in the lane. Twitchy quickness with the ball allows Rush open space off the dribble, and he’s able to shoot with range without his feet set.

However, the part of his game that has really come along are his point guard instincts. Rush steered the ship for TNBA all weekend and kept his teammates involved. His vision is most noticeable in transition. He also is able to control pace and be patient for important possessions. Rush also blocked a lot of shots at the basket for a 6’2” guard, which speaks to his bounce and competitiveness.

Jordan McMilian (2019), 6’2” PG, Ohio Hoopsters – Kings / Westerville South

McMilian’s game is about speed and scoring. He’s extremely quick on the offensive end. He tends to blow by defenders almost immediately. McMilian may be more of a combo/off-ball guard because he’s so score-first. He’ll reach his potential when he’s able to involve teammates once the defense collapses — his driving ability shifts the defense in a way he may not realize.

Treohn Watkins (2019), 5’11” PG, Miller Factory / Columbus South

Watkins plays with composure and speed as a lead guard. Although he often walked the ball up to let his teammates set-up, Watkins often ended the possession in a blow-by and bucket in the paint. Watkins, a track star who runs the 100-yard dash, compensates for his lack of height with tremendous speed and outside shooting. Off-ball, Watkins likes to relocate to the elbow for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Otherwise, his mid-range game isn’t utilized.

Bodie Eberhart (2019), 6’2” PG, Ohio Hoopsters – Nakasian / Marysville

Based on available roster, Eberhart spent time at both guard spots for the Hoopsters this weekend. We liked him more as an off-ball guy. He moves to open spots around the arch, has a quick catch-and-shoot release, and is consistent from deep. Eberhart’s deceptive quickness is best on the catch also. He plays hard.

As a point guard, Eberhart tends to have a height advantage and is able to convert runners in the paint. He’s more of a shot-taker than a facilitator who has no problem creating a high-percentage look near the basket.

Evan Conley (2019), 6’0” PG, Nova (Morgan) / Fairfield Union

Conley is rare in the sense that he’s a truly cerebral point guard. The West Liberty verbal commit drives to pass and is able to deliver assists towards the help defender. Ambidextrous finisher when the play calls for it and has the paint poise to understand whether to finish or dish. Conley also is used in a lot of off-ball action for this Nova team, where they’ll send him on long baseline cuts off screens. Conley is an effective catch-and-shooter in those situations.

Jeremiah Keene (2019), 6’0”, Nova (James) / Westerville North

We caught Nova, the Super 16 Champions, in a measuring stick game on Sunday against TNBA Ohio. Keene shared the floor with a pair of D-I guard prospects on the opposing team and still shined. He has a wealth of speed, poise, and skill. Keene controlled pace and never panicked with a deficit. Makes people pay for going under screens on the pick and roll, an action where Keene is at his best. Also showed some physicality on spin moves into the teeth of the defense.