Super 16: Forwards 17U


Posted On: 05/21/18 11:40 AM

To wrap up the Super 16’s 17U coverage, we have a list of eight quality big men that impressed in Reynoldsburg. Plenty of rebounds, versatility, and points in the paint were tallied by this group.

David Marbury (2019), 6’3” F, TNBA Ohio / Solon

Marbury, who is rightly seen as a football prospect, makes a lot of winning plays on the basketball court. He’s a glue guy that talks on defense, is sneaky athletic, and defends multiple spots. He starts their games as the 5 and has the strength to handle interior contact on defense. Offensively, he stretches out the opponent with corner 3-pointers and straight-line drives. Marbury can put it on the deck for quick moves.

Dishon Daniels (2018), 6’6” W/F, All Ohio Cincinnati / formerly Northland

The high-flyer who recently received an offer from Central State continued showing his value as a transition scorer. Daniels keeps the ball out of reach by holding it high on gathers. He’s also confidently shooting on spot-up 3s, although he tends to front-rim his misses. Daniels is a switchy defensive player. Doesn’t have a great handle but is a game-changer on the fast break.

Chris Boyle (2019), 6’5” F, Miller Factory / Columbus Academy

Boyle is one of the rare players who combines physical defense and drives with a reliable jumper. He’s not a traditional stretch forward because of his very athletic build, toughness, and shot-blocking. However, he’s super capable of shooting the 3-point shot and tends to hang out around the arch on offense. Boyle can also lower the shoulder and finish through contact on straight-line drives.

Cade Stover (2019), 6’4” F, Ohio Hoopsters – Nakasian / Lexington

The Ohio State football commit told Prep Hoops that he won’t enroll early for spring football next year so he can bring a basketball State Championship to Lexington. Stover, who doesn’t lack in confidence, was a defensive rebounding extraordinaire on Sunday morning. When he’s boxing out, opponents have a one in a million chance of getting the board. Stover also secures boards at their highest point.

Phil Hughes (2019), 6’8” F/C, Nova (Morgan) / Marysville

Hughes flashed off-ball IQ on the offensive end today. He just knows where to be on the court. For example, Hughes fades towards the short corner or 3-point arch when a guard penetrates the lane. Often, he’ll receive a wide open jumper because his matchup will lose him trying to block a shot. When the offense is stagnant, Hughes creates a passing lane for a post entry pass by battling for position. Hughes is more of a tipper than a rebounder. He can hit open jumpers.

Ibrahima Athie (2019), 6’5” W/F, Shining Star (Mitchell) / Deer Park

Athie has an athletic and long build. Right now, he’s best in transition because he runs the floor and finishes with bounce, opposed to physicality. His body control isn’t quite there either, as he often gets caught trying to finish layups without the glass. But, Athie is a tremendous prospect who remains under-the-radar despite Deer Park’s undefeated season. He rebounds and is very explosive.

LaTrace Jackson (2019), 6’7” F/C, TNBA Ohio / VASJ

Jackson is so quick off the ground when he jumps. Not only that, Jackson gets way up as a shot-blocker and rebounder. He has a lot of potential as a rim protector, but right now he’s just trying to block absolutely everything — whereas, he needs to start picking his spots at some point because of foul trouble and he’s not always there for rebounds. Crashes the offensive glass. Skinny frame and good length.

Ben Wight (2019), 6’8” F/C, Nova (James) / Thomas Worthington

Wight has good balance for a player of his height and length. Central Ohio’s top big man cleans up on the offensive glass in traffic and calmly sets the ball into the hoop. Great finishing touch. His size and mobility allow him to switch onto most guards, especially when he’s involved in defending a pick and roll.