SPTS Notebook: Week 1 Follow-Up


Posted On: 05/8/18 4:08 PM

With Minnesota comprising half of the SPTS the league kicked off in Minnesota over the weekend.  The results?  Went as expected, for the most part.

17U Standings

  1. OSA Crusaders Adidas: 5-0 (17-2)
  2. Fury Wilde: 5-0 (18-3)
  3. Comets Lewis: 4-1 (13-4)
  4. WOTN: 3-2 (11-7)
  5. Heat MacDonald: 3-2 (11-7)
  6. Pentagon Schoolers: 3-2 (7-6)
  7. OSA Crusaders National: 2-3 (10-7)
  8. Minnesota Select Leafblad: 2-3 (8-9)
  9. Wisconsin Playmakers Strege: 1-4 (6-11)
  10. ECI Prospects: 1-4 (3-6)
  11. KC Basketball Club: 1-4 (3-10)
  12. Southwest Minnesota Stars: 0-5 (3-6)

17U Results Notes

  • The only thing close to an upset was maybe Heat MacDonald beating WOTN.  This is the second time they have played and WOTN beat them the first time around.  The teams are fairly close in talent but this was a tiny upset, but not much of one.  In fact that was one of the swing games we spoke of so it was mostly 50-50, WOTN was just ranked higher.
  • After a nice start in Sioux Falls it was surprising to see the Southwest Minnesota Stars go winless this past weekend as they had a couple winnable games.
  • The other swing game was WOTN and the Pentagon Schoolers which was won by the Schoolers.  You knew the Schools were likely to start 2-2 as they were playing the league pair of favorites and two of the league’s lowest squads, but the double figure win from the Schoolers opened some eyes.
  • ECI was set up with a ridiculous week one schedule and they went 0-3 on day one as expected and then went 1-1 in one score games on day two.

16U Standings

  1. Fury Zurn: 4-0 (19-1)
  2. WOTN Davis: 4-0 (16-1)
  3. OSA Crusaders Adidas: 4-0 (15-2)
  4. Comets Stumpf: 2-2 (13-5)
  5. Heat Moberg: 2-2 (15-7)
  6. Southwest Minnesota Stars: 1-3 (5-3)
  7. OSA Crusaders National: 1-3 (7-7)
  8. Minnesota Select Cave: 1-3 (6-10)
  9. Pentagon Schoolers: 1-3 (3-5)
  10. ECI Prospects: 0-4 (3-5)

16U Results Notes

  • Select Cave giving the OSA Adidas squad a serious run in game one was an eye-opener.  OSA escaped with a two point win and went on to sweep the weekend while Select didn’t recover as well as hoped losing twice more.
  • So after this game the OSA kids likely got a talking to, and took it out on the Pentagon Schoolers later that day in a 73-34 thrashing. They then beat ECI 68-26 and the Southwest Minnesota Stars by 19.
  • The Southwest Stars won only once this weekend but it was a victory over Comets Stump by 20.  That result surely caught many off-guard.
  • In the preview we talked of Fury Zurn playing the same opponents as they’ve beaten in earlier weeks, but it didn’t phase them as they won their four games by a total of 67 points combined.  That said, even with the two point win over the Select, OSA had a 103 point differential between them and their opponents.