SPTS Notebook: The Finals


Posted On: 05/20/18 2:00 PM

The SPTS culminates next weekend in Sioux Falls with the championship round over Memorial Weekend. There is one round to go followed by the playoffs so we have a quick look at 17u and 16u.

17U Standings

  1. Fury Wilde: 9-1 (22-4)
  2. OSA Crusaders Adidas: 9-1 (21-3)
  3. Pentagon Schoolers: 7-3 (11-7)
  4. WOTN: 6-4 (14-9)
  5. Comets Lewis: 6-4 (15-7)
  6. Heat MacDonald: 6-4 (14-9)
  7. OSA Crusaders National: 5-5 (13-9)
  8. ECI Prospects: 4-6 (6-8)
  9. Minnesota Select Leafblad: 3-7 (9-13)
  10. Southwest Minnesota Stars: 3-7 (6-8)
  11. Wisconsin Playmakers Strege: 1-9 (6-16)
  12. KC Basketball Club: 1-9 (3-15)

17U Results Notes

  • The Fury holds the one seed and they play the SW Minnesota Stars in the final round next Sunday so they will likely hold that one seed into the playoffs.
  • The OSA Crusaders would have to beat WOTN and then hope for the Stars to complete the upset.
  • A key seeding game next Sunday will be Comets Lewis against the Schoolers as the winner likely gets the seed meaning a game with WOTN or Heat MacDonald.
  • The other team in the playoffs is OSA National.
  • The eight seed belongs to ECI at the moment. If they can beat the Wisconsin Playmakers, who are 1-9, they are in.       That said, Select Leafblad and SW Stars are right there a game back. The Stars would have to upset the Fury while Select has 1-win KC Basketball Club so they have a chance. Select has beaten ECI as well so if head to head is the tie-breaker they have it.
  • WOTN had quite the weekend: beat the Comets and Fury, lost to Stars and ECI. I’m sure the poor coaches went home wondering if the players were going to drive north, or south on their way home.
  • Fury grabbed a massive won over the Omaha Crusaders which is big in Minnesota as both the D1 Minnesota team and the Howard Pulley squad has played them too. With the Fury grabbing that win they earned bragging rights over Pulley who lost to OSA Adidas.
  • The Pentagon Schoolers had a nice weekend beating those they were expected to and then earning a nice win over Heat MacDonald.
  • Nice weekend for ECI who won 3 of 5 games after a rough opener.
  • Comets Lewis was missing their top two players and their point guard so a 2-3 weekend wasn’t as bad as it looked.

16U Standings

  1. OSA Crusaders Adidas: 7-1 (18-3)
  2. Fury Zurn: 7-1 (22-2)
  3. WOTN Davis: 6-2 (18-3)
  4. Heat Moberg: 5-3 (18-8)
  5. Pentagon Schoolers: 4-4 (6-6)
  6. OSA Crusaders National: 3-5 (9-9)
  7. Comets Stumpf: 3-5 (14-8)
  8. Southwest Minnesota Stars: 3-5 (7-5)
  9. Minnesota Select Cave: 2-6 (7-13)
  10. ECI Prospects: 0-8 (3-9)

16U Results Notes

  • There is one game left for teams to try and make the final six on Monday, Memorial Day. Lets go game by game
  • OSA National vs SW Stars. Both teams are 3-5 so the winner has a chance at the final six, the loser is out.
  • Select vs ECI. Both teams are out of the running as they are in last place.
  • Pentagon vs Comets. Comets must win to make the final six and if they do they will hold a tie breaker over the Schoolers so we assume they would be in. If the Schoolers win we know they are in.
  • Fury vs WOTN. For the league this is a seeding game. For the state of Minnesota it’s a battle between two of the best three teams in the state. Fury Zurn won the first time they played and WOTN wants another crack.
  • Heat and OSA Adidas are both in the final six, this game is for tournament seeding.