Six Top Prospects from last Month’s “Big Shots Winston-Salem”

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/18/18 10:18 PM

Six Top Prospects from “Big Shots Winston-Salem”

1-Noah Dunn, 6-5 215, SF, 2019, Greensboro Day, Greensboro, NC
One of the most improved players in the state, he is driving it and finishing impressively. His drives are strong ones and he often finishes at the rim with a dunk, or an “and-one”. He’s also a very good mid-range shooter and an excellent defender.
Big Shots Elite NC

2-Max Farthing, 6-6 185, SF, 2019, Word of God Christian Academy, Raleigh, NC
Pictured above, Max is a solid all around player and a savvy competitor. His best asset is that he’s one of the very best shooters in the state, to the arc and beyond. He knows how to move without the ball and he possesses a quick release and nice form.
Big Shots Elite NC

3-Jett Fortuny, 6-3 170, 2G, 2019, Cary HS, Cary, NC
He’s quick and savvy all around player, but his best asset is that he is a “Lights out” shooter to the arc and beyond. He gets his shots off quickly, with good form and an excellent release and he shoots a good percentage, from mid-range, to the arc and beyond.

4-Zachary Alston, 6-6 18, SF, 2019, W-S Prep, Winston-Salem, NC
Very long and a very good athlete, with a very good upside.
Long and vertical, he puts it on the floor well and his mid-range shot is coming along nicely.
Potentially a defensive stopper, his overall game is developing steadily as he becomes more and more experienced.
Team Winston 17U

5-Quest Aldridge, 6-3 170, 1G, 2019, Mt Tabor HS, Winston-Salem, NC
Pure 1G, with very handles. Penetrates and dishes really well. A savvy and heady performer, he goes left really well, though he is a right-hander and he’s a vocal leader for his coach, Andy Muse.
Solid shooter, to the arc.
Team Winston 17U

6-Ryan Shaffer 2018 6-5 2G/SF, 2019, 2018, Green Hope HS, Cary, NC
He’s going to prep at Hargrave Military in Chatham, Virginia.
Another of the very best shooters in the state. His grandfather is a former NBA player. Ryan wasn’t blessed with the size, or athleticism of his grandfather, nor does he have the size of his father who played in the ACC – but he knows how to play. He knows how to move without the ball and he is a very good shooter, with a quick release. When he’s open, he is deadly from both mid-range and from the arc.
Big Shots Elite NC