Second Live Period Recap and Scores: Kentucky Shoe Teams


Posted On: 05/1/18 2:04 PM

With the second certified period wrapped up, here’s a quick look at how some of the various Kentucky shoe teams fared in their opening weekend of action. There are only Adidas teams in our state right now. No Under Armour Association or Nike EYBL programs currently exist in our state. Here’s a recap of how the Adidas teams finished this weekend:

Adidas Gold:

Louisville Magic

17u: 0-5; Losses to Louisiana Supreme 64-49, Game Elite Gold 66-28, Iowa Barnstormers 68-51, Team Faith 63-51 and OSAG 63-62

16u: 4-0; Wins over CP25 68-51, Team New England 60-43, Team Wall 77-55 and Kevon Looney Elite 63-62

15u: 4-0; Wins over Team Lillard 66-61, YIIS Toronto 66-51, Game Elite Black 67-49 and West Coast All Stars 74-60


Manimal Elite

17u: 2-3; Wins over New World Basketball 78-66 and Upward Stars 72-65. Losses to Team Loaded VA 73-59, NY Jayhawks 87-66 and CP25 77-58

15u: 2-2; Wins over Team Harden TX 63-48 and Team Faith 57-50. Losses to Stackhouse Elite 50-47 and Team YGC36 58-57


Adidas Silver:

CKY Magic Morton

16u: 2-2; Wins over Louisiana Rockets 59-42 and North Atlanta Orangemen 48-40. Losses to Game Elite Rival 68-50 and Northeast Jax Gamechangers 48-36. Finished in semifinals of 16s Silver Bracket Q-W


CKY Magic Robinson

16u: 2-1; Wins over Hilltopper Heat Basketball Club 66-59 and Arizona Grassroots 70-56. Loss to The Firm 68-52. Finished in quarterfinals of 16u Gold Bracket.


Kentucky Ambition

17u: 2-3; Wins over Team Manimal by forfeit and GA Elite Ballers 53-52. Losses to DFavor Celtics 62-40, Chicago Grinders 65-37 and Game Elite – TG. Finished in championship of 17s Bronze A-H.

15u: 1-3; Win over Above & Beyond NY 67-57. Losses to Team Loaded 804 59-53, Louisiana Kings 83-47 and Upward Stars Richmond 72-51.


Kentucky Royals

17u: 1-2; Won 71-24 over Motor City Grizzlies, Losses to Indiana Elite Central 84-51 and Arsenal Hoops 68-60. Finished in quarterfinals of 17s Silver Bracket.


Louisville Prospects (played at the HoopSeen Atlanta Jam) –

16u: 1-3; Won over North Georgia Elite 54-51. Losses to Wellington Wolves White 68-57, East Cobb Playmakers 63-52 and Hawks Elite 88-54

15u: 1-3; Won over Charlotte Court 53-43. Losses to NC Flames 57-33,  Team TUFF 59-32 and Chattanooga Elite Navy 42-41


Starz United

17u: 1-2; Won over Hoops Elite 85-45. Losses to Team TAB 66-49 and Team Wall Southeast M Silver 45-35. Lost in semifinals of Silver EE-HH.

15u: 0-3; Losses to JSI Elite 65-36, Flame Elite 64-58 and Rock United 80-65; Lost in semifinals of Bronze Q-T.


The Ville

17U: 4-1; Wins over Manatee PAL 67-41, Southern Kings 60-43, Team Wall Dreamville Silver 63-49 and 44 Elite MN 66-60. Lost to Jacksonville Magic 42-39. Won the Championship of 17s Silver I-P.

16u: 2-2; Wins over NC Gaters East 49-42 and CM Knights 60-37. Losses to Southern Kings 67-62 and NC Empire 46-41. Won the Championship of 16s Bronze X-BB

15u: 1-2; Won over Kevon Looney Elite (Rebels) 57-52. Losses to Gain Elite Minnesota 50-42 and Team Wall Southeast M-Silver 66-54. Lost in quarterfinals of 15s Silver I-P.


Vision Elite

17u: 1-2; Won over Illinois Stars Elite 68-66. Losses to Indiana Game 67-64 and Ohio Hoopsters 81-74. Lost in quarterfinals of 17s Silver.

16u: 1-2; Won over YIIS Toronto 61-36. Losses to Crusaders Basketball Club 58-54 and Chicago Elite 75-51. Lost in quarterfinals of 16s Gold.

15u: Played in Under Armour event. Can’t find results.


WCS KY Hoops Elite

16u: Did not play in Adidas this weekend.


Some Quick Analysis:

  • The 17u Adidas Gold teams stumbling once again likely ends Louisville Magic and Manimal Elite’s bid to make the Adidas Final in New York in July.
  • Only two Adidas Silver teams (CKY Magic Robinson and The Ville 17u) finished with winning records on the weekend. Between this weekend and the weekend before, this has not been a great spring for Adidas Silver teams.
  • Despite the struggles of their 17u team, the Louisville Magic 16s and 15s had a great showing in Atlanta. Combining to go 8-0 on the weekend, the 15s locked in a spot at the Adidas final with a perfect 8-0 record in two weekends. The 16s bounced back from a 1-3 start and put themselves in position to qualify for the finals in July.
  • 17u teams combined for an 11-18 record on the Adidas circuit. The 2019 class does not have great talent depth and that is likely showing in some of these game results.
  • 16u teams combined to go 12-10. A step up from last weekend.
  • Manimal Rlite 15u dropped their first games of the year. They went 2-2 with two losses by a possession. They finished the spring gauntlet with a record of 6-2 and should make the finals in New York.