Posted On: 05/27/18 2:03 PM



Point guard Tony Farrar played his first weekend with Chattanooga Elite.  He played well at top speeds.  Farrar is a good open floor passer that sees opportunities while operating at full speed.  Farrar practiced and attended Hamilton Heights Christian Academy (HHCA) all year, so he is accustomed to taller, faster, better players than himself.  Tony’s instincts are to involve teammates.  This bodes well for his longterm development.

Farrar’s weakness is shooting in the halfcourt flow.  He can get to the basket, but the freshman’s mid-range must improve.

Hub Swafford struggles with playing at high speeds.  The Harlem opponents really trapped and rattled him as he caught the ball.  Swafford operates on the low blocks right now.

Tony Bell takes and makes his free throws.  The 6-foot-5ish forward is still growing in to his body, but there is something exciting embedded in his game.  Bell can move his feet decently and comfortably hits any open shot.

Perhaps the most basketball-bodied young talent on Chattanooga Elite Grey is Daniel Burkes.  The lean 6-foot-1 wing possesses a long wingspan.  He certainly has room to grow in his lithe body.  Will Burkes be able to play the traditional wing position?  The early guess is yes.  Lateral mobility is good, not great.