Run n’ Slam: Prep School, Unsigned 2018, and Reclassified Standouts


Posted On: 05/8/18 10:22 AM

The spring grassroots season can serve as an opportunity for all players to get exposure and build college recruitment, including unsigned 2018 prospects and/or those who’ve reclassified to enter prep school.

Many Ohio-born prospects who fit this category excelled at this weekend’s Run N’ Slam, including a few who would be ranked top ten in their class if they finished their prep career in-state.

Tre Williams (2019), 6’6” F/C, All Ohio Red / Woodstock Academy (formerly Reynoldsburg)

Williams, a post player with an athletic build and broad shoulders, gets off the ground high and quickly. He uses those hops to challenge shots and flush home dunks on rolls to the rim and transition opportunities. Runs the floor well. Williams also switches pretty much everything on defense, an important trait for a 6’6″ post. He has constant effort and makes an impact by being all over the floor.

Andre Gordon (2019), 6’2” PG, C2K Elite / Huntington Prep (formerly Sidney)

Gordon is an elite playmaker on the drive because of his quick handle, skill, and athleticism. He constantly gets a step on the initial defender and either pulls up or finds an assist from the mid-range. Gordon is a shot-maker in the purest sense of the word. Also really like the way Gordon has been moving his feet on defense this spring.

William Mfum (2020), 6’2” PG, C2K Elite 17U / Quality Education Academy (formerly Northland)

As Mfum becomes a more consistent contributor, his ceiling is as high as pretty much anyone’s in Ohio. The former Northland star was impressive as a slasher on Friday night as he fearlessly attacked the rim and finished athletically. Mfum brings that same energy to the defensive side of the floor as he dives for loose balls and locks down against ball-handlers. Very quick feet.

Jaret Griffith (2020), 6’4” G, C2K Elite / Gould Academy

Griffith’s impact as a floor spacer is constant for C2K. Even when he’s not taking a lot of shots, his shooting threat keeps the defense honest therefore widening driving lanes for teammates. With that being said, Griffith did have a couple memorable hot streaks throughout the weekend. He compliments his catch-and-shoot 3-point ability by putting it on the floor and being a playmaker. He’s unselfish and hits the mid-range jumper with consistency. Griffith is often physical on the drive too.

Dominic “DJ” Brewton (2018), 6’5” G, All Ohio Cincinnati / Dohn Prep (formerly Hughes)

Brewton looked quicker than ever with the ball in his hands. Although he’s always been a weapon in the open court, Brewton was also dynamic as a slasher in the halfcourt. He has nice court awareness and often delivers assists to teammates on the baseline. Brewton also wowed the Court 1 crowd with a nasty behind the back move in the open court, which spoke to the style of play he should operate in during his college career.

DiShon Daniels (2018), 6’6” F, All Ohio Cincinnati / undecided (formerly Northland)

If we would’ve named a First Team All Tournament, Daniels certainly would’ve made the cut. By playing hard and showcasing his explosiveness as an athlete, Daniels even received an offer from Central State in Fort Wayne.

Daniels was constantly running all over the floor. The effort level was disruptive on defense and resulted in a couple highlight dunks in traffic. He can defend 2-5 because of his quickness, height, and verticality. Remarkable effort. We very much like the idea of Daniels as a small ball four.

Giovanni Santiago (2018), 6’1” PG, All Ohio Cincinnati / undecided (formerly Hughes)

Santiago has continued to improve. He was (easily) the best player on the floor against Iowa Barnstormers in the Platinum Semifinal. The speedy point guard stayed active on defense and made plays on the slash. He knows how to freeze the defense with ball and head fakes. Santiago also is a dynamic passer in the half-court and was hitting the pull-up jumper all day. Able to dribble out of double teams with his quick handle. True point guard.

Ross Ryan (2018), 6’10” C, Nova (James) / Pickerington North

Nova appeared to come into Friday night with a priority of posting up Ryan. They gifted him with the opportunity to score from the block in front of a slew of coaches, and Ryan mostly delivered. He used his added muscle to get position on the block, then made power moves with his back to the basket to get a clean shot up. Ryan needs to become more consistent as a decision maker.