Run-N-Slam: Mason’s Top 2019 Performers


Posted On: 05/8/18 10:39 PM

The last major event of the spring is done and Run-N-Slam provided us with a ton of looks at prospects in and outside the state of Indiana. With teams coming from all over the Midwest and giving us a good mix of EYBL, UAA, Adidas Gauntlet, and some of the top non-shoe sponsored teams in the country, we got some high level competition in the first weekend in May.  Here is our look at my Top Performers in the 2019 class from the past weekend.

Drew Lowder | 5’11 PG | Indy Heat EYBL | Pioneer (MI)

Lowder is a small lead guard and is super tough. He is able to get into the lane and is unafraid to fire it off from deep. He’s a guy who I really liked for the first time seeing him. Good handles and will stick on the ball at the next level. Solid defender with active hands as well.

Cameron Alford | 6’ PG | Team Teague | Ben Davis (IN)

Alford was on fire in the game against Strictly Skills. He was pulling up on almost every possession early in the second half and was making all of them. He’s a guard who can shoot the ball at a high clip when he’s on. E was getting to the basket n this one and cutting to the rim really well. A solid D2 prospect who will get some low major looks.

Ethan Brittain-Watts | 6’1 PG | Indy Heat EYBL | Culver Academy (IN)

Watts was really good shooting the ball when I saw him. He was able to make a few threes in the face of the defenders and get into the lane. He threw some really nice passes setting his teammates up as well. Brittain-Watts hasn’t been playing that well of late but he is starting to come around a bit.


Jalen Windham | 6’5 SF | Indy Heat EYBL | Ben Davis (IN)

Windham is a tall wing who can really shoot it from deep. He had a few times where he got his man in the air and side stepped him to shoot a jumper. Struggled to get it to go down but was good at getting his shot off. A very projectable wing who will bring you a high shooting clip from deep.

Terin Kinsway | 6’5 SF | NOVA Village | Delaware Hayes (OH)

In the past when I have seen Kinsway he has loved to take the ball to the rack but in the game against Indy Heat, he was shooting the lights out of the ball. He was making everything and has a great outside shot. A good wing to have on your team because he is a lockdown defender and can score in multiple ways.

Trayce Jackson-Davis | 6’8 PF | Indy Heat EYBL | Center Grove (IN)

Jackson-Davis was dominant in the game against the Illinois Wolves. He scored at will inside and played really solid defense. He is getting quicker and is starting to be able to guard wings a little bit more for stetches. An elite player who is still getting better, one of the best post scorers in the nation.

Keenon Cole | 6’7 PF | Illinois Wolves | Streamwood (IL)

Cole is a very intriguing hybrid forward. He’s got a great body that allows him to play both the three and the four position. A guy who can shoot the mid range jumper and be able to knock down a deep ball. Very versatile defender as he is pretty quick laterally.

John Michael-Mulloy | 6’10 PF | Indy Heat EYBL | Carmel (IN)

Mulloy is getting better slowly. He’s a big man who can shoot it and pass it well but needs to work on his footwork and add on a little bit of strength. He’s really good at defending the pick and roll as well as rolling on offense, but he isn’t quite there yet in terms of posting up. Once he gains strength and sticks down low a little more, he will be really good.

Ben Wight | 6’8 PF | NOVA Village – James | Thomas Worthington (OH)

I’ve seen Wight a few times now this summer and he continues to impress. He is a stretch four with a ton of skill. He’s a versatile defender as he can guard a couple different positions. He is able to score at all three levels and rebound the ball pretty well. Could use a bit of weight on him but is still very effective . 

Dawand Jones | 6’8 C | Team Teague | Ben Davis (IN)

Jones is a big bodied center who has a ton of weight to him. A D1 footballl player who can get around on the basketball court as well. He is a good rebounder and actually has the ability to score the ball despite him not being very quick. He can hit the mid range shot and if he’s inside he’s going to dunk it.