Run-N-Slam: Eric’s Top 2019 Performers


Posted On: 05/8/18 1:09 PM

The last major event of the spring is done and Run-N-Slam provided us with a ton of looks at prospects in and outside the state of Indiana. With teams coming from all over the Midwest and giving us a good mix of EYBL, UAA, Adidas Gauntlet, and some of the top non-shoe sponsored teams in the country, we got some high level competition in the first weekend in May.  Here is our look at my Top Performers in the 2019 class from the past weekend.

Nate Ferguson – 6’8 / SF / 2019 / Lemont (IL) / Chicago Lockdown 2019

Ferguson is a big wing that has really progressed over the last year.  Grown and filled out his frame but still has the mobility and skill to be a really good wing player. Shot the ball well and handled it even better when he looked to create in the half court.  He’s really a better athlete as well and can attack the rim with some leaping ability.  Body and game is ready to go for the next level.

Deng Reng – 6’7 / SF / 2019 / Wheaton North (IL) / ET21 Buckeyes 2019

Reng is a thin wing with some solid handles and creation ability. Showed more willingness to drive and slash than a year ago.  Has really solid athleticism and uses it well to rebound as he can jump well above most defenders and has the length to create separation.  Needs to add strength to his frame but he is getting better.  Fits well as a three who has the mobility to switch on guards rather than bigs.

Trayce Jackson-Davis – 6’9 / PF / 2019 / Center Grove (IN) / Indy Heat 2019

Trayce bounced back a bit from the games I saw last weekend.  Was really aggressive and was looking to create contact and be more physical.  Did this against players his size and skill level.  Was really good in transition and was able to make a few plays where he went coast to coast.  Finishing ability around the rim was stellar again.

Ethan Brittain-Watts – 6’1 / PG / 2019 / Culver Academies (IN) / Indy Heat 2019

Really liked what I saw from Ethan this weekend. He was really calm and collected and has the ability to make plays for others. Never really a big time scorer but can impact every aspect of the game. A little bit better defensively than I thought and if he can show a tick more of production, that should be enough to draw in more schools.

Andrew Owens – 6’5 / SF / 2019 / Carmel (IN) / Indy Heat Red 2019

Owens is a big wing with a run of high end scoring games these last couple weeks. He’s shot the ball really well and in the open floor, he’s been really overpowering and difficult to defend.  He’s tough and physical in the post and can really get after it when he wants to play down low. Colleges are really liking his game lately, giving them offense and versatility at the forward spots.

Frank Davidson – 6’5 / SF / 2019 / Blackhawk Christian (IN) / Indy Heat Red 2019

Frankie is another taking advantage with space in the transition game. He’s shooting the ball well but finishes at such a high rate at the rim. He’s so athletic and agile that he can finish some of the more ridiculous and tough shots you will see.  Has to get the foot speed up but everything else about his game is shining right now.

Drew Lutz – 6’0 / PG / 2019 / Penn (IN) / MBA Select 2019

Lutz is a high-end scoring guard who looks the part of a guy that is going to be very coveted. He’s grown a bit and should still have another little spurt in him. Filled out with some strength but the jumper is his bread and butter right now. Didn’t shoot great in the first game but picked it up later.  Is super aggressive looking to score and keeping the efficiency going.  Game has really taken off this year.

Nathan Bruns – 6’6 / SF / 2019 / Marion Local (OH) / Northwest Ohio 2019

Bruns is a big wing that looks physically ready to go for the next level.  Really big but handles it like a guard and can create off the bounce and shoot at a high level from distance.  Pretty agile and can play more of that four-man role in college as a guy that can give you guard skills but matchup with forwards.  Really rounded out his game in the last year.

Collin Kenney – 6’1 / PG / 2019 / Marquette Catholic (IN) / SYF 2019

Kenney is a big scoring guard who is a really good rhythm shooter.  He’s adept as creating space with his ball handling and getting a clean shot off from distance. Elevates well off his jumper although the release is a bit low, however, making it look really fun and quick.  He’s well built physically and can drive with physicality at the rim as well.

Clay Hilliard – 5’9 / PG / 2019 / Plymouth (IN) / Kardia Kings 2019

Clay is a smaller guard with some scoring ability. A little bit of athleticism and quickness where he can rebound decently for his size with some elevation.  Jumper is good but a little flat, although hitting for some consistency.  Clay has good pace and security with his game and doesn’t seem to make many mistakes.  Was impressed with first long look at the 2019 prospect.