Posted On: 05/10/18 1:31 PM

The last major event of the spring is done and Run-N-Slam provided us with a ton of looks at prospects in and outside the state of Indiana. With teams coming from all over the Midwest and giving us a good mix of EYBL, UAA, Adidas Gauntlet, and some of the top non-shoe sponsored teams in the country, we got some high level competition in the first weekend in May.  Here is our look at my Top Performers in the 2021 class from the past weekend.

Blake Sisley – 6’7 / PF / 2021 / Heritage Hills (IN) / EG10 2021

Sisley is a big forward who has had a solid spring but might be moving it up a level. Didn’t set out to watch an EG10 game but was always looking across courts and saw him making plays a ton this weekend.  He was really good slashing and putting the ball on the floor. That is his money maker and if he can keep it up over the next few years, he’s got a real chance.

Chris Hodges – 6’8 / PF / 2021 / Schaumburg (IL) / Illinois Wolves 2021

Chris is a big, athletic forward with tons of mobility and skill.  He’s a legit power forward prospect that has upside as a interior scorer and rebounder. Likes to be physical and produces on the boards already.  Played more of a faced-up game but showed a little ability to seal and post.  Diversifying and adding a little more finesse in the post scoring is his next step.

Luke Goode – 6’5 / SF / 2021 / Homestead (IN) / Indy Heat 2021

Goode is a tall wing with exceptional handles and athleticism. Really good with the ball in his hands and can create off the bounce and get separation while still being able to rise up and finish over the top of players. Long and lean as well, he does good when he looks to play in the paint and rebound.  Showed the ability to explode to the rim and have a good chase-down block.

Caleb Furst – 6’8 / PF / 2021 / Blackhawk Christian (IN) / Indy Heat 2021

Furst is an advanced forward with a lot of skill already. He was really good facing up and taking defenders off the bounce and even was able to spread the floor a bit. Was exceptional as a post scorer using his body and physicality to finish through contact.  The lefty is so much more ready than most bigs in the class and the aggressiveness makes him a big time producer.

Jalen Blackmon – 6’1 / PG / 2021 / Marion (IN) / Indy Heat 2021

Blackmon is a growing lead guard who looked more under control in this game than during the high school season. He’s really quick and extremely deceptive with his ball handling where he can create tons of separation.  Was better shooting coming off screens and pull-ups straight off transition. Needs to finish at the rim with a little more physicality but should improve as he adds strength on the frame.

Naylon Thompson – 6’1 / PG / 2021 / Bishop Luers (IN) / Indy Heat Red 2021

Naylon is a tall guard who showed a lot more skill and scoring ability than before. He was really good with the ball in his hands, creating jumpers and in the lane a ton.  Used ball screens, his a catch-and-shoot three, a pull-up three, was the most diverse scorer we saw at this age level all weekend.  Also, he proved he can stay on the point as well.  Improving rapidly right now.

Jackson Paul – 5’10 / PG / 2021 / Churubusco (IN) / Indy Heat Red 2021

Jackson is a smaller, but tough guard who plays with a ton of energy.  Looks like he could grow a bit and fill out but plays so physical, he’s not held back by the slight frame.  Really creative and aggressive point guard who can drive to create or score and attacks the rim with toughness and finesse. If he can get a bit taller, he has a chance and has the mindset to execute really well.

Jack Sawyer – 6’5 / PF / 2021 / Pickerington North (OH) / Mid Ohio Pumas 2021

Sawyer is an undersized forward who is likely to play football at the next level but is an impressive power forward.  Really physically overpowering and tough and doesn’t take plays off with a high-level motor.  Looks really good when he wants to attack the rim from 15’ and can handle the ball well enough. High level rebounder at the rim.

Blake Reynolds – 6’4 / SF / 2021 / Columbus Grove (OH) / Indy Heat Red 2021

Blake is a big wing with good handles and shooting ability. Was really good off the catch and hit multiple mid-range jumpers and added some threes in as well.  Needs to mix it up more in the post but was really impressed by his skill from 15’ and out.  Has a big frame with strength and should continue to grow as well.

Brandon Hall – 6’3 / SG / 2021 / Thorton Twp. (IL) / Meanstreets 2021

Brandon is a big guard who can play either guard spot.  Has really solid handles with a frame that has length and height right now. Good strength and when he did look to attack he was able to be physical and finish with his right hand. A little dominant to that side but over all, a solid slasher and finisher.  Good size for a freshman guard prospect with some upside.