Posted On: 05/7/18 1:30 PM

There’s no way to properly recap or summarize the Bill Hensley Memorial Run n’ Slam event. You just have to be there, at least once in your life. The Spiece Fieldhouse hosts all of the top high school teams from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. Meanwhile, there’s several other pristine basketball venues with plenty quality college prospects.

Anyways, over the next couple of days, we’ll do our best to capture the action, by spotlighting just over 65 Ohio prospects who exceeded expectation. We’ll call them “Standouts,” and segment them by state region throughout the early week.

Ben Wight (2019), 6’8” F/C, Nova (James) / Thomas Worthington

The long, mobile big is able to contest shots at the arch or around the basket because of his length, discipline, and feet. Wight is definitely not one of these bigs who is just going to camp in the paint and protect the rim in a traditional way. Instead, he runs the floor, closes out with a high-hand, and can switch screens comfortably. He never seems to get tired, despite sprinting up and down the floor.

Owen Hazelbaker (2019), 6’7” F, Nova (Russell) / Johnstown-Monroe

Hazelbaker is a first class kid with an inside-out scoring ability. It was all on display during their Saturday 8AM game, as he was converting multiple 3-pointers, playing resistant defense near the rim, and putting it on the deck once for physical and-ones. Hazelbaker can turn over either shoulder with his back to the basket. He uses his sturdy frame to make an impact on the glass.

Marcus Peaks (2020), 6’5” F, Mid Ohio Pumas (Justice) / Watkins Memorial

Peaks does an excellent job of providing rim protection without fouling. He stays very aware on the defensive side of the floor and is able to rise high to challenge shots. Offensively, Peaks uses the pump fake to his advantage and is quick off the floor when he jumps for the finish.

Jack Sawyer (2021), 6’5” F, Mid Ohio Pumas Elite 2021 / Pickerington North

Sawyer has continued his reputation from the winter as “the most productive” 2021 prospect in Ohio. We have written down in our notes from the weekend in multiple spots “automatic mid-range.” It seems like Sawyer just never misses from 12 feet and in. He uses his body to get positioning inside, and can go to that patented turn-around if he’s posted up.

We were also impressed with Sawyer’s leadership ability. This team carries various quality guards; but from an outside perspective, Sawyer is the leader. He’s confident, reliable, talkative, and intimidating. He can also smartly handle the ball a little bit if needed.