Recruiting Report: Soul Hines (2019)


Posted On: 05/13/18 5:00 AM

College programs hoping to identify a wing scorer with a solid build, strong academics, state tournament experience, and efficient scoring ability should circle the name Soul Hines (2019) on their boards. The 6’4” guard from Harvest Prep has found a grassroots fit with Nova (Russell) this spring also.

“It’s been really good. Just playing the 1, the 2, the 3, just competing every time I go out there,” Hines said. “They accepted me really well. And it’s basically a motion offense, just pass and cut. It’s basically just playing good basketball, so I enjoy playing with them.”

Hines also took a couple college campus visits with this Nova group before the season.

“Visited Alderson Broaddus with a couple of my teammates. After the season, me and my AAU teammates we just took a trip down to King’s College,” Hines said.

His college interest doesn’t stop there however, as a few of NAIA and D-II programs in Ohio have reached out to Hines.

“Before the season, I visited Central State … I just talked to Mount Vernon Nazarene recently. And I got a couple camps forms from colleges, such as Ashland, Lake Erie, and the other camp form is from Findlay,” Hines said.

He went on to tell us that he’s not decided on whether or not to attend those camps this season. However, he did mention that Ashland “has been giving [him] more than usual camp forms.”

Although Hines will attempt his first ACT in June, he already carries a 3.5-3.6 GPA. He plans on majoring in either photography or film in college. Along with academics, player to coach relationship will factor into his eventual college decision.

As a player, Hines continually impresses with his knack for finding the open spot on the floor for his jumper. He usually needs just one dribble to create a clean look, if he even dribbles at all. Hines gets good lift on his jumper and releases over his head, making it a nearly unblockable attempt.

Meanwhile, he shows a strong IQ in making an impact as a team defender. Hines understands rotations and has the physical tools to defend 1-3.

Nova (Russell) finishes up their spring schedule with a trip to the Southern Jam Fest in Hampton, VA May 18-20.