Recruiting Report: Matt Dove (2019)


Posted On: 05/21/18 12:36 PM

The state of Indiana is known for it’s skill and sometimes you have it paired up with size. This 2019 class has quite a few of those with many drawing a wide array of interest.  This class has one of the more interesting ones in Princeton (IN) forward Matt Dove.

Dove, a 6’8 stretch forward, is a really highly skilled prospect with some development starting to take hold and he’s got some schools starting to lock in on him. He’s more of a faced forward who can play along the perimeter and handle the ball. He’s not your typical stretch where he’s a big shooter. Matt is much more of a guy that is willing to put the ball on the floor and make a play.

Where he really stands out his with the entire package. He’s all of those things but he’s also a high-academic student looking at possible engineering and a prospect that hasn’t really scratched the surface of his talent level yet.  He’s got a long way to go and like we said earlier, he’s really not even a shooter yet even though he does have that to pull out of him.

So far, Taylor, Anderson, and even Army have shown significant interest. He’s going to draw a lot more in because of that package of academics, size, and skill.  Dove has his twin brother, Zach, who is also a guy that he could play with at the next level and is bringing some interest of his own.  

Playing for DistinXion 2019 this summer, he’s going to get some legit help with his skill from the Zeller family and if they can get him locked in, his talent might start to take off. He’s among the best bigs in the state and has everything going for him right now.