Recruiting Report: Mason Ritter (2019)


Posted On: 05/17/18 3:11 PM

Six-foot-3 wing Mason Ritter played a bigger role for Tea Area this winter and now he’s moved into a double figure scoring role for the South Dakota Venom this spring.

Tea Area followed up a 2016-17 state title with a 19-6 year and a second place finish in state. Second place at state is of course a strong accomplishment but the Tea Area talent is thinking championships. That said, a mid-year drought helped many players grow.

“Last season didn’t end how we wanted it,” Ritter said. “During the middle of the year we lost a few games in a row which helped us grow as a team and I think that helped us make it to the state championship game.”

In the box score this year it was easy to notice Ritter making a big impact on a regular basis.

“This past year I think my attitude improved the most because when things got tough and things didn’t go my way it helped me grow as a player.”

Ritter is excited about basketball and playing with the South Dakota Venom through two events has him excited.

“Venom has been going great and I’m very excited to see what will happen in the rest of our tournaments,” Mason said. “We are a very hardworking team and I’ve really been enjoying myself playing with venom this summer.”

The Venom is two tournaments into a seven event schedule and they’ve gone 6-2 so far. A nice start. Ritter has been the team’s fourth leading scorer putting in just under ten points a game.

“My teammates and I obviously want to win as many tournaments as we can, but we also want to make it a good last AAU season,” said Ritter.

Playing with the Venom is about becoming a more consistent player on both ends, in addition to enjoying a high level of competition.

“For my senior year what I want to improve on most is my consistency,” Mason said.

“Being able to provide for my team on a consistent basis and help get back to where we have been the last two years is really important and I think that will help a lot.

Also, just keep improving on everything to be able to play at a higher level.”

Ritter has also spoke with a pair of schools about playing college basketball. “I have talked to Dakota State and Mount Marty”.