Recruiting Report: Loginn Norton (2019)


Posted On: 05/10/18 9:09 AM

It’s been a while since James River basketball has been relevant in the grand scheme of things, however this past season the Rapids qualified for the Class 6 state tournament. About two years ago, an influx of talent from private schools who came back to their local public schools were the big reason for the change.

The guy who has led the charge is junior point guard Loginn Norton, a 5’11” scoring guard who has been the go-to guy since transferring from Millwood. Norton is running with a talented Team Richmond-Garner Road group this summer, and was a standout in Atlanta in the second live period.

He feels very optimistic about this summer with his new group.

“I think we can do a lot this summer,” Norton said quickly. “We play defense, not a lot of teams want to play defense most teams sit back and play zone but we get after it and play man the whole game. The team is a great group of guys, we all support each other and I love being a part of it it’s like a family here.”

Norton fits in perfectly, as Head Coach Del Harris has put him in the perfect situation as a microwave scorer whether he starts or not. Norton has the innate ability to knock down shots from all over the floor, especially from deep, and he can bring that to whatever team he plays for.

“I usually come off the bench but I’m supposed to come in and knock down threes, make open shots and create for my teammates on the offensive end,” he said.

Already seeing some scholarship level interest, Norton holds an early offer from division two Francis-Marion in South Carolina, and he’s seen division one interest recently from Wofford. As for what he can bring to a team, it’s not just what he does on the court.

“I’m a great person, I work hard in the classroom, I can knock down shots from all over the floor and I WILL play defense.”

Expect Norton to continue to fill it up, and if he can do it in front of the right coaches he could end up picking up more offers moving forward this summer.