Recruiting Report: Hank Pulver (2019)


Posted On: 05/16/18 6:12 PM

Huntington North is one of the biggest producers of talent that isn’t already in a big city in Indiana. They have had numerous players come out of their gym and produce at the next level. Now, a new 2019 class gives way to another such player in Hank Pulver.

The 6’6 wing is a really good talent who has a ton of upside still left at his fingertips.  He’s done really well finding ways to show his versatility but once his production increases, his stock could skyrocket.  

Hank is an adept ball handler for his size and can really make plays away from the basket. He showed during the high school season that he can be a good mid-range and deep scorer.  However, his length and agility on the defensive end allows him to play against many different looks. 

He needs strength and has to find more production from game-to-game but he has a frame with size and length that colleges covet and if all of it comes together, he will find a few more offers.

To date, Huntington University has offered Pulver.  The NAIA program has had success with the local high school and it isn’t very surprising they pulled the trigger already. Hank says he plans to visit Huntington University soon. 

Along with Huntington, Grace College, Marion University, and Anderson have all been expressing interest.  His summer with Indy Heat 2019 Red is a big boost as they team has no shortage of talent. If things come together, he has the stage to blossom.