Recruiting Report: Cameron Payne (2020)


Posted On: 05/16/18 4:37 PM

2020 guard/forward Cameron Payne is transferring to Christopher Colombus High for his junior season.

Formerly at Coral Gables, the 6’4″, 190-pounder is putting the work this summer with Florida Gold Coast 16U on the Adidas Silver Gauntlet.

“So far everything has been good, we’ve had tournaments in Atlanta and Dallas for the gauntlet and we’ve done two local tournaments as well,” Payne told Prep Hoops Florida. “It’s the first year that the program is back but it’s my 3rd year playing under my coach Steven Lopez. He and I have gotten a lot closer over the years and I think we have a really strong relationship not only as a coach-player but as friends.”

Calm and collected, Payne says the move to Colombus will be better on the court and in the classroom. He’ll be able to play with his current AAU teammates Alex Perez and Brendan Golden.

No offers have come yet for the rising junior, but he pointed to Middle Tennessee and Emory as two programs that have kept track of his progress.

In terms of his progress this past season, Payne says his confidence grew on offense.

“Since I only seriously started basketball a few years ago, I was a pass-only player who when I caught the ball my intention was never to score but to get the ball out of my hands. During this past year, I saw my confidence grow to where I was now looking to make the right play and that included making a move to score.”

Payne pointed to his defense as his biggest strength.

“I think my experience having grown up playing various sports plays into my instincts,” he said. “I like to get my hands dirty on the defensive side and I’m used to guarding people six inches or taller than me.”

He’s aiming to improve his ballhandling ability and shooting touch.

“My height is a guard/wing position at the next level and I have to be ready to assume a position where I have to handle the ball and be a capable shooter,” Payne said.

The plan is in place for Payne and on the gauntlet, he’s getting invaluable experience. His confidence as an offensive weapon is increasing daily and he’s in a nice spot to get it all done. Look for Payne to take the steps towards all-around play this upcoming season.