Prospect Spotlight: Brendan Lamb (2020)


Posted On: 05/10/18 5:00 AM

The recruitment process hasn’t quite gotten underway for 5’10” point guard Brendan Lamb (2020). However, the Clinton Massie transfer (formerly Lebanon) is poised for college athletics with his two sport talents.

Lamb is a powerful point guard who doubles as a running back during the fall months. Although he prefers college hoops, he has his sights set on a full-ride however he can get it.

“If I had a football and a basketball scholarship, I’d definitely pick basketball probably. But, my whole goal is just to get my college paid for,” Lamb said.

Lamb’s floor as a prospect is as a Division III guard. Sure, Lamb may be undersized in terms of height. But he has a strong upper body and is able to bully opponents on both sides of the floor with his low center of gravity.

“I’m usually a little bit stronger than most defenders that are on me. So, I try to power them around a little bit — bump them around and see if they’re going to be physical with me,” Lamb said. “And if they’re not [going to be physical with me], then I know I’ll be able to take them whenever I want.”

Lamb also told us that he’s good at feeding the ball into the post and playing defense on the perimeter. We can validate those claims, as we’ve definitely been impressed with his ability to use the bounce pass and slide his feet this spring.

As a new student at Clinton Massie next season and beyond, Lamb wants to become a more confident shooter and a quicker ball-handler. He’s leaving Lebanon High School, as his family is moving to a new area. Lamb averaged 9.4 points as a sophomore, his second year as the starting point guard.

“I’m pretty excited about moving. Their football program is always good,” Lamb told us. “Their basketball, I’d say, would be up and coming. They’re not terrible. They got a couple big players.”

Lamb believes he should slide in nicely as the starting point guard next season. He even did a little personal scouting this past season in anticipation of the relocation.

“Kind of the thing they were lacking was a point guard. They had a bunch of big men. They had like a couple 6’7”, 6’8” guys but they didn’t have anyone to give them the ball. I think I’ll be able to go over there and fit in pretty good.”

In the meantime, Lamb is handling the point guard duties for Mid Ohio Pumas (Jayaraman) and maintaining a 3.95 GPA in the classroom. He tells us that his Christian faith and player-coach relationship will be factors he’ll weigh when making a college decision down the line.