Recruiting Report: 2019 Moses Flowers


Posted On: 05/8/18 5:49 PM

2019 Moses Flowers is currently the leading scorer for his Team New England team which plays on the Adidas Gauntlet SeriesHe is averaging 13.2 points per game and scoring in a variety of ways. Flowers is a tremendous shooter and has been showing that all spring, “I work on my jumper everyday, in the morning when I do a workout and in my after school workout so I am just constantly working on it all the time.”

He can do a lot of other things then just shooting and he described his game by saying this, “I can shoot, I am a lock down defender, I get a lot of steals, I average five steals a game and I am just tough. Being strong helps me in all aspects of the game and ultimate helps me compete and be the best competitor I can be.”

He learned this high school season that he and his teammates will need to put in the work this offseason to improve next year, “My high school season went okay, we did not have as many pieces as we needed but overall I did good and I tried to push my teammates and myself. We won some games but we just have to keep working hard.”

With everything Flowers brings to the court, there are already a number of schools showing interest in him and there will certainly be more that will get involved with his talents, “Recruitment is going really well, I have a couple schools looking at me like Boston University, LIU Brooklyn, Iona, and Central Connecticut. He broke down all four of those schools for us.

Boston University: “I like the program a lot and they have been recruiting me hard. It is a good place.”

LIU Brooklyn: “They did pretty good this year, too bad they couldn’t move any further but they are alright and they are a good look.”

Iona: “Iona is another good look, they took a loss to Duke but they still did alright.”

Central Connecticut: “They are good too, I like them a lot, could be an okay fit for me.”