Posted On: 05/31/18 11:44 AM

The Ann Arbor area is in the midst of a strong basketball era. There is a lot of talent that has moved through the area lately, as well as a batch of young stars waiting to take the reigns. Julian Lewis is one of those young stars. He is in the class of 2021 and is a shooting guard. Lewis attends Ann Arbor Huron High School and plays AAU basketball for REACH. I recently caught up with Julian Lewis for a Question and Answer session.

Question:  What do you think is the biggest strength of your game?

Julian Lewis:  I feel the biggest strength of my game is my ability to shoot along with my ability to pass combined with my size allow me to see over the defense whether I am getting my own shot or finding a teammate for their shot.

Question:  How do you feel about you and your high school teams performance last season?

Julian Lewis:  I feel that we did good and exceeded a lot of expectations people had for us in the preseason and got better as the year went on. I feel that we still need to work on a lot of things due to the fact that we are losing seven seniors and we’re going to be a very young team next year.

Question:  What part of your game do you feel really developed over the high school season?

Julian Lewis:  Something I really feel developed over the season is my ball handling. It was the main thing I dedicated a lot of my extra time to was my ball handling so I can play more of a guard position and get my shot off the dribble more comfortably.

Question:  What are your basketball goals this spring and summer?

Julian Lewis:  To improve my overall strength, to take contact and be able to finish easier. I would also like to improve my speed and quickness to become a more versatile guard as well as becoming a starter on my Varsity summer league team.

Question:  Is there an event you are really looking forward to?

Julian Lewis:  I am really looking forward to the live period events in July. I have been working on my game so when that time comes around I can’t have a good showing.

Question:  Who is the best player you have ever matched up against?

Julian Lewis:  The best player I have matched up against in my grade is Julian Roper from Detroit Country Day.

Question:  What do you like the most about AAU/travel season?

Julian Lewis:  I like the competitive aspect of it and how everyone is striving to get better and be the best player on the floor trying to achieve their dream.

Question: What professional player do you think your game resembles?

Julian Lewis:  I think my game most closely resembles Kevin Durant because of his size and his offensive skill set.

Question: What is the next step in basketball for you?

Julian Lewis:  To continue to improve my game to become a Division 1 college prospect and player and becoming a starter on my varsity team.

Question:  What is your most memorable moment in basketball?

Julian Lewis:  The most memorable moment is the first time I dunked in live play this past season.