Question & Answer: Aleks Cvetkovski (2021)


Posted On: 05/24/18 7:19 AM

There is a lot of young basketball talent in the state of Michigan. The talent spreads from Great Lake to Great Lake. Aleks Cvetkovski is one of the young athletes looking to make their mark on prep basketball in this state. He is a 5’10” point guard in the class of 2021, and attends Utica High School. Cvetkovski plays AAU basketball with DR Hoops. We recently talked to Aleks Cvetkovski about high school basketball, AAU basketball, and his development as a player.

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Aleks Cvetkovski

Question:  What do you think is the biggest strength of your game?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  The biggest strength of my game is my ball handling, getting to the rim, IQ, mostly my playmaking ability.

Question:  How do you feel about you and your high school teams performance last season?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  My high school team went .500. I thought we had a rough start but came through and went on a winning streak. My overall performance was solid but next year will be something to watch out for!

Question:  What part of your game do you feel really developed over the high school season?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  My ability to get to the rim developed this season, but what really developed was my ability to draw defenders and kick out to our shooters.

Question:  What are your basketball goals this spring and summer?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  My goals for this spring and summer are to get better as a player, get invited to some camps, and compete against everyone.

Question: Is there an event you are really looking forward to?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  There is no particular event I’m looking forward to, I’m just trying to go one day at a time and get better as a player.

Question:  Who is the best player you have ever matched up against?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  The best player I’ve played against was for sure, Terry Armstrong.

Question:  What do you like the most about AAU/travel season?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  In AAU I like competing against really good players and playing in places I’ve never been to before.

Question:  What professional player do you think your game resembles?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  I’d compare my game to Chris Paul. I can get by my defender and do a floater or I can dish it.

Question:  What is the next step in basketball for you?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  The next step in my game is to get faster, stronger, and become a better 3 point shooter.

Question:  What is your most memorable moment in basketball?

Aleks Cvetkovski:  My most memorable moment was my first ever basket!