Posted On: 05/23/18 2:00 PM

Greene County junior Trey Hinote has been playing this spring with one of Iowa’s best grassroots squads, Kingdom Hoops-Mosley, and hopes to see some additional exposure come in as a result.

The 6-foot guard’s role as a sniper with an ability to distribute has been key the Kingdom Hoops’ success at times this spring. And Hinote is relishing the opportunity to play with such a talented group of guys.

“Kingdom has been awesome,” Hinote said. “It’s the most talented group of guys I’ve played with, and just learning from what they got to show has helped me a bunch.”

Although he holds no offers just yet, schools like Wayne State, Sioux Falls, Simpson and Briar Cliff are the latest schools to contact him.

“Recruitment goals for the summer, I don’t really have any, I just know with the team I’m riding with now, and as long as I stay humble and hungry, it will all come,” said Hinote.  

“This summer, I’m hoping to get more schools to reach out rather than the same ones. I’m being more so patient right now than anything.

A skilled prospect, who can shoot, dribble and pass at a high level, Hinote mentioned to PHIA what is is he’s been working to improve most over the past six months.

“My game since last season has changed in several ways; first of all. my shot has gotten a lot quicker and my range can stretch a ways away from the bucket,” said Hinote. “And just my IQ as a basketball player has improved a ton.”

As a junior with the Rams, Hinote averaged 16.9 points, 2.1 assists and 1.8 steals per game. That was a tad disappointing for him. A testament to how dominate he can be next season.  

“My junior year didn’t go as I would have liked, I had a rough start but towards the end of the year I really got it going again,” said Hinote.

“My role next season will be different just because we return three players and I gotta be more of a leader and bring my teammates to my level in practice and stuff.”

He added: “I’ll have to be more aggressive next season, looking to score, as well as getting others involved. Conditioning is gonna have to be a big thing come next winter, too.”