Prospect Spotlight: Tremon Starke (2020)


Posted On: 05/16/18 3:36 PM

Tremon Starke is the definition of “Jack of all Trades”.

Whether it be is stellar offensive rebounding, finishing tough around the rim, or plain-out sacrificing his body on the defensive end, the Hawthorne rising junior has used this summer to build his confidence in every area of the game.

He has three main goals for himself:

“Just keep the momentum high, play good defense, and move the ball,” Starke said, speaking on his personal goals for each game.

Another area of his skill that’s underrated by opponents is how Starke can make his presence felt at the rim on defense. In a couple of games for the Florida Splash Elite AAU squad, I’ve seen him crash the glass and deflect shots at the rim with the best of them. It’s evident that his energy rarely dies.

Partially, because he’s playing with childhood friends—something that keeps Starke motivated to improve.

“My friends  and I have been playing together since we were little,” Starke said, recanting his days as a 10-year-old hooper. “We met up every week and played outside. We challenged each other.”

His latest challenge involves working on his shooting ability, this summer. Whether it be from the outside, or off-the-dribble, Starke is aware that it’s not going to be easy. Although, he’s voiced that he’s up for whatever amount of work it takes to be a key guy for Hawthorne by October.

Look for Starke to turn some heads during his junior campaign.