Prospect Spotlight: Lawson Quinn (2019)


Posted On: 05/7/18 5:07 PM

Each childs’ situation in high school is different, but for all of them AAU is an important way for them to be seen by different college coaches and media outlets when they go to different tournaments. While kids from private and public schools get brought together to play, for 6’9” Lawson Quinn from outside of Richmond, it’s even more different because he doesn’t go to school at all, he is homeschooled.

That doesn’t stop him from playing during the winter however, as Quinn starred this past season for the Central Virginia Homeschool Patriots, who aren’t afraid to play anyone, anywhere. They were one of the best homeschool teams not only in the state, but in the country.

“It went really well, we went down to nationals and started ranked 48th and finished in 3rd after losing in the semifinals, but we then went down to the East Coast Championships and won the whole thing,” Quinn said. “I got MVP but I’m still trying to grow and become a better player every day.”

Quinn has gotten off to a great start this summer, playing for the Virginia Blaze out of the Staunton/Rockingham area. While they’re one of the newer teams in the VA area, they have a couple of intriguing pieces for coaches to check out, including another big in 6’8” Jarvis Vaughan from Robert E. Lee.

Quinn and Vaughan are a nightmare for opposing bigs on the block, but they are a perfect fit as teammates both on and off the court.

“Playing with a really high level big man has helped me a lot,” Quinn said about Vaughan. “He’s taught me some things, I help him out with some things, and it works out well. We’re good friends off of the court and on the court so it just helps out both ways.”

As for Quinn’s individual goals this summer, it starts on the defensive end where he feels like he can make an impact right away.

“I’m trying to show off my defensive skill, I love defense and I would rather block shots than score any day. I love to see my teammates succeed too so I’m just trying to play as best as I can and help my team win games,” he said.

While Quinn has been solid both in school ball and travel ball, he doesn’t hold any offers yet, but he has heard from a slew of division one and division two schools. While he’s just trying to get better and play well enough to get his name out there, he said he believes his hard work and unselfishness will stand out with coaches.

“I’m a hard worker and I’m a great teammate, I try to put them in a position to succeed and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win games.”

Since many coaches are always looking for a hidden gem, there’s a 6’9” one who’s as hidden as they come just outside of Richmond. Be sure to check out Lawson Quinn and the Virginia Blaze in May and July.