Prospect Intro: Scotty Draud (2021)


Posted On: 05/16/18 6:00 AM

Scotty Draud was one of the top scorers in the state as a freshman at Beechwood this past season. Draud came on the scene this season when he helped lead his team to the All A state championship in Richmond after winning the 9th region All A. Scotty has been having a successful AAU season thus far with the Louisville Magic. They went a perfect 8-0 against Adidas Gold competition in April and will head to Atlanta for the Bob Gibbons this weekend. I caught up with Scotty last week to discuss his high school season, the start of the AAU year and the pressure that comes with being the son of a former SEC player.

PHKY: Describe your game for people who may never have seen you play. What are your strengths? What do you need to improve?

SD: I’m a 6’4” off guard. I am a match-up problem for many teams because I can shoot the deep three, drive to the basket, or even post up. I like to play defense, rebound, block shots and take charges. I need to improve my shooting percentages, especially under heavy pressure. I was face-guarded a lot this year.

PHKY: Reflect on your high school season. Were you happy with your individual performance? Were you happy with your team results?

SD: I was happy with my season, but I know I need to get better in a lot of key areas. Winning 18 games at Beechwood was an accomplishment, as well as winning the All “A” Regional Title (first in school history). This was a great start to my high school career.

PHKY: Who are you playing AAU with? How has your AAU season gone for your team so far? How have you been playing?

SD: I am playing with the Louisville Magic this summer. Right now we are ranked 4th in the nation (according to Prep Hoops). I have been playing pretty well while learning to adapt to new teammates.

PHKY: What schools are recruiting you? Any offers? If you have offers, do you have a leader right now?

SD: Right now, the recruiting process is just starting. I have been getting a lot of letters on an introductory level.

PHKY: What can you take from your AAU season and apply to your next high school season?

SD: AAU is all about getting better, getting exposure and playing against elite competition. This will certainly help when playing against high school competition in the 9th Region. We play against a lot of good teams.

PHKY: What are your goals for your next high school season?

SD: I’m working very hard in the weight room. Also, I’m working hard on my shooting mechanics and my midrange jumper. I wanna be on a team that wins 20 games and makes a deep run in the 9th Region Tournament.

PHKY: Being the son of a former SEC player (Scotty’s dad played at Vanderbilt), what can you take away from your dad? Do you feel pressure to reach the same levels he did as a player?

SD: I work on my game a lot with my dad. He has taught me a lot about basketball. I don’t feel any added pressure because he is my dad. My dad’s dad was a good athlete at Eastern Kentucky University. My mom, sisters and I were all good at volleyball. We have an athletic family. I love basketball, and my dad’s career has only been a benefit to mine.


Scotty Draud physically reminds me of CJ Fredrick at the same age. Both are long and skinny players known primarily for their long range shooting. Where Draud differs is that he is already learning to play offense while being face guarded and chased all over the court every night. Scotty is developing his midrange game and won’t hesitate to take his man off the dribble. There aren’t many 15 years olds out there who will tell you they like playing defense and taking charges. Most college coaches are looking for a player who can score and shows signs that they can turn into good defender. Scotty has a leg up on many his age by taking an interest in being a two way player. Draud is one of the top 2021 prospects in the state already and will only improve as his body matures and he stops tinkering with his shooting mechanics. Its early but Draud looks to be a mid major or better college prospect who could have offers by this time next year.