Posted On: 05/4/18 7:42 PM

Alvin Gentry Elite is one of the top 17U teams in the state. Unlike a lot of teams, they do not have an issue with size. In fact, their big men are quite intriguing prospects at the next level due to their high IQs and versatility. In addition, they are solid on the wing with Carter Murphy leading the way.

Alvin Gentry Elite also plays in an array of tournaments in the East Coast. In state, they participate in the ACBL, the Arizona Club Basketball League.

Alvin Gentry Elite

17U Roster

Stephen Garbrah 5’11 PG 2019 Bella Vista Prep

Garbrah is strong and athletic. As he continues to learn how to use his body and strength to create advantageous angles, his ceiling should improve. He is a capable shooter who can run an offense. Further, he is a solid on ball defender who uses his lateral quickness and strength to push the opposing offensive player around.

Grant Ward 6’5 PG 2019 6-5 Buena H.S.

Ward has the highest upside out of all of the guards on this roster. He is long, athletic, and can get into the paint. As he puts on more functional muscle mass and improves his ability to shoot it from deep, he can be strong collegiate candidate.

Reece Taylor 6’4 SF 2019 6-4 St. Mary’s H.S.

Taylor has been surprising in the workouts and games that  I have seen. He has a good motor and is a more than capable athlete. Further, he has a good feel for the game and moves well without the basketball. Transitioning to the next level, he should be able to find a landing spot.

Reed Myers 6’1 PG 2019 Scottsdale Christian Academy

Myers has not played this spring, but they are hopeful he will be completely ready to go for the live periods in July. Prior to his injury, Myers earned himself a reputation for being a smart guard, high IQ with good assist to turnover rates, who is a capable shooter. His presence on this team should aid the group in utilize their bigs even more effectively.

Jake Murphy 6’3 SG 2020 Arcadia, H.S.

Jake Murphy, the younger brother of Carter Murphy, is a prospect to watch. He is a capable shooter who has a good feel for the game. He is the youngest prospect on this roster. Further, if he blossoms like his brother, he could be worthy of a lot of college interest.

Carter Murphy 6’4 SG 2019 Arcadia, H.S.

At this point, Carter is the most skilled prospect on this roster. He has a nice mix of unsuspected athleticism and shooting. He is explosive in the paint which aids him in finishing on and around help side defenders. Further, he can stop on a dime prior to help side rotating and hit the mid-range jumper. He is also the top shooting threat on this team from deep. His stock has risen the most out of any of the prospects on this roster. It will be intriguing to watch him finish out the club season and the impact he has for Arcadia now that he will be their primary scoring threat.

Jaden Cons 5’11 PG 2019 Brophy College Prep

Cons is one of the top on-ball defenders in this program. He understands how to dictate where he wants the offensive player to go. Thus, he is able to blow up a lot of plays and can make it challenging for opposing guards to run the offense. Offensively, he does a good job of getting to his spots and is capable of scoring from deep.

Ethan Spry 6’8 PF 2019 Scottsdale Christian Academy

Spry is an intriguing prospect at the next level. According to coaches within the program, he is receiving a lot of interest from Patriot league schools and schools that run the Princeton offense. He is a good fit in those systems due to his shooting ability and decision making. As the quarterback for those offenses, he can generate offense and put his teammates in the right spots. He could have a very good career at that level and in that system.

Shaun Wahlstrom 6’8 PF 2019 Estrella Foothills H.S.

Wahlstrom is quite similar to Spry in that he fits in very well in systems where they want the bigs to do more than play with their back to the basket. While he finishes well around the rim, he has improved his ability to shoot it from deep and has improved his decision making. He is a solid leader who works hard and always does the little things to get his teammates respect.

Meekness Payne 6’8 PF 2018 AZ Compass Prep

Payne is transitioning more to a combo forward position as he has improved his ability to shoot it from deep. Further, he is a solid athlete. If he is able to make that transition, he has an extremely high upside as he is long, athletic, and moves well laterally. This makes him a good fit in a number of systems from an offensive and defensive perspective.