Prep Hoops Series — Kansas City: Standout (Point Guards)


Posted On: 05/10/18 9:40 AM

Prep Hoops Series — Kansas City: Standout (Point Guards)

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Prep Hoops Kansas takes a look at several guards who raised their profile throughout the weekend at the Prep Hoops Series in Kansas City.

21-Luke Adams, 6’0, PG, 2021, Blue Valley North, Mokan

A crafty guard who can shoot from deep and fill out a stat sheet when he’s in the zone. Adams has a nice feel for the floor at the point guard position. He can take opponents off the dribble, pass ahead on fast break looks and finish around the basket. Adams has great vision for his age, a player who seems to be thinking a few seconds ahead of opponents.

4- Trey Bates, 6’0, G, Piper High, Mokan Select 17U, 2019

An electric guard who does everything a team could ask of a player. He is quick, smart with the ball and understands where he can play his best. He’s excellent in isolation, able to pull it back for a 3-pointer or take it all the way to the basket. He knows when to pass and can slip his teammate the ball when defenders think he’s going for the shot. A clever player who stands out in a crowd.

1 — Don Edmondson, 6’1, G, 2019,  Truman (Mo.), KC Pacers

A hard-nosed guard who brings intensity, basketball IQ and a good feel for the game, Edmondson showed off the ability to play tough defense, compete at both ends of the court and knock down outside shots for the KC Pacers.

2 — Savian Edwards, 6’1, G, 2019, Washburn Rural (Kan.), SSA Elite Black

A terrific defender, Edwards handled the point guard duties for SSA Elite throughout the weekend, showing off terrific handles, toughness and the ability to lead a team. Offensively, he gets to the bucket and finishes, especially in transition. At the defensive end of the floor, Edwards is a terrific on-the-ball defender who does a good job pressuring the opposing team’s primary ball handler.

33 — Aaron Hamilton, 5’10, PG, 2019, Junction City (Kan.), SSA Elite

Although a little undersized, Hamilton is a tough competitor who helps SSA Elite get into its offense and runs the show as its point guard. He is a solid defender who came up with several steals throughout the weekend and turned them into easy buckets at the offensive end of the court.

2-Floyd Watkins, 5’10, PG, 2021, Mokan

A quick guard that can burn defenders up top and spin his way to the inside. Watkins looks sharp on both sides of the floor and never holds onto the ball for too long. He passes ahead up the floor and is good at getting his teammates involved in the action. Watkins is new to the program, but is working hard and making solid contributions on the floor.