Prep Hoops Series — Kansas City: Breakout performers


Posted On: 05/9/18 8:43 AM

Prep Hoops Series — Kansas City: Breakout performers

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Prep Hoops Kansas takes a look at several guards who raised their profile throughout the weekend at the Prep Hoops Series in Kansas City.

0-Courtland Soll, 6’1, 2019, St. Louis Christian, Mokan Select 17U

Soll is a fine athlete who controls the pace of the game on both sides of the floor. A disciplined guard who plays solid defense up top and gets transition buckets and flashy assists because of it. He can find his way around defenders and stop on a dime to knock down a jumper. A solid player overall with a lot to offer.

1-Carson Cavalier, 6’0, G, 2019, Waynesville, Mokan Select 17U

Cavalier is a streaky shooter who’s money from the wing. He has a smooth release and can let it fly from the parking lot if he needs too. But his game isn’t one-dimensional. He enjoys making the extra pass and sacrificing open looks to get others a touch. He’s an unselfish player who likes to make life difficult on defense as well. He forces them to adjust their game and can steal the ball if they aren’t paying attention.

30 — Dyelan Reed, 6’4, G/F, 2019, Concordia, SSA Elite Black

Reed is a versatile, inside-out performer with a strong, athletic frame and the ability to play multiple spots on the floor. Reed can handle the ball a little and make outside shots, but can also take his game into the paint and finish around the basket.

10 — Robert Rhodes, 6’6, G/F, 2018, Park Hill South, KC Rebels

Rhodes is a long rangy guard with the ability to handle the ball, get to the bucket and score around the rim. A left hander, he has terrific size and length, is an active defender able to challenge shots in the lane and get in the passing lanes. Rhodes showed good poise as he drew several double teams but managed to make the right play, finding the open man on several occasions.

7-Gabe Fisher, 6’5, F, Wichita Collegiate, Mokan Select 17U, 2019

Fisher is a hard-working forward who fills in gaps where his team is lacking. He hustles on the floor, blocking shots, rebounding everything he can get his hand on and making smart plays with the ball. He can shoot when he needs to and find teammates around the basket and behind the 3-point line. He lives through his effort and can make use of the mid-range.

9-William Shumpert, 6’6, F, CBC, Mokan Select 17U, 2019

Shumpert is a physical forward who can sink shots and cause problems in the paint. He moves his feet well on defense and can handle himself against taller players with experience in on the block. He slips between players to find the ball and is always looking for second chance looks of missed shots. When he’s comfortable on the floor, Shumpert can score quickly and lead his team in rebounds.