Prep Hoops Series : 2020 Players

South Carolina

Posted On: 05/15/18 10:26 PM

The Prep Hoops Series took place this past weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. Prep Hoops takes a look at some of the 2020 players from the Palmetto State.

Dallan Wright

Dallan Wright – Saluda HS – Carolina Pressure 17U

Wright has seem to grow a few inches since the fall. Wright exploded to the rim and finished on drives today. Wright really plays the passing lanes well and excelled in transition today.

Kelton Talford

Kelton Talford – Great Falls HS – Carolina Pressure 17U

Talford 6’6 is constantly all over the glass on both ends of the floor. Talford plays up a age group really can finish on contact and around the cup. Talford likes to play just a few feet away from the basket and that shows his effectiveness. Talford averaged 19.4 ppg and 11.1 rebounds this season for the Red Devils.

Traveon Davis

Traveon Davis – Lake Marion HS (Santee) – Team Stroke 

Davis 6’4 wing was on loan this weekend from Upward Stars Southeast 2020. Davis showed his ability to knockdown the 3 pointer and really took over at times attacking the basket. Davis who is extremely athletic will look to stalk the baseline at times.

Zyan Gilmore – Clarendon Hall (Summerton) – Team Stroke (pictured on front) 

Gilmore wants to score the ball and this season at Clarendon Hall he did just to 28.4 ppg. Gilmore wants the ball in the clutch and at times has the ability to knock down 5-7 shots in a row. Gilmore is a gamer on the floor and isn’t afraid to play with pain.

Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones – Trinity Byrnes (Darlington) – Manzer 17U

Jones a left-handed point guard plays up a age group. Jones is shifty with the ball and has the ability to get into the gaps on the floor.  Jones the primary ball-handler on this team logs a lot of minutes on the floor.

Carrele Cooper

Carrele Cooper – Andrews HS – Manzer 16U

Cooper showed some solid glimpses this weekend attacking the basket. Cooper has good length and knockdown some mid-range jumpers. Cooper scored 22 points in the game Prep Hoops took in.

Mezziah Oakman

Mezziah Oakman – Ben Lippen – GWP Sixers 

Oakman seems to be here for the time being after playing with the GWP Sixers past few weekends. Oakman started the year at Gray Collegiate before transferring over to Ben Lippen in January 2018. Oakman 6’10 keeps the ball high when rebounding and runs the floor well.

Timothy Steele

Timothy Steele – Conway HS – Myrtle Beach Phenoms 

Steele has really filled out in the past year. Steele played inside-out on the floor today for the Myrtle Beach Phenoms. Steele hit a few three pointers and showed some skills to handle the ball up the floor.

KJ Richardson – Westwood HS – 3 Ball Elite 16U

Richardson a point guard is a solid ball on the defender. Richardson popped off screens and connected on several three pointers from downtown.

Tauris Watson

Tauris Watson – White Knoll HS – Team Wall Southeast Marion 2020 

Watson left-handed guard prefers to attack the rack and loves to leak out in transition. Watson has a knack to score the ball and at times showed that this weekend.

Amari Jenkins – West Ashley HS – Rock Nation Impact 16U

This was the first seeing Jenkins play. Jenkins plays with a high motor and its constantly in attack mode. Jenkins 5’9 a slasher deluxe got to the basket and foul line several times this weekend.

Cody Appleton

Cody Appleton – Low Country Prep (Pawleys Island) – Confidence Cougars 16U 

Appleton was a bit of a one trick pony for the Confidence Cougars. Appleton needs time to set his feet and space for his shot from behind the arc. Appleton averaged 18.3 ppg last season for the Marlins