Prep Hoops Series : 2019 Players

South Carolina

Posted On: 05/14/18 10:30 PM

The Prep Hoops Series 3 took place this past weekend at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center down on the Grand Strand. Lets take a look at some of the top 2019 players from the Palmetto State in this article.

Kassius “Jay” Williams

Kassius “Jay” Williams – Socastee HS – Team Wall Southeast Marion 2019

Williams was really on top of his game this past weekend at the Prep Hoops Series 3 in Myrtle Beach. Williams scored the ball at all 3 levels and in particular shot the ball really well from 3 point range. Williams a left-handed guard saw the floor well when not shooting it. Williams has a good feel for the game but at times gets a little too caught up in the action.  

Stephon Greene

Stephon Greene – Carvers Bay HS – Manzer 17U 

Greene has really filled out his frame in the past year. Greene 6’6 finished on contact and in traffic this weekend for Manzer. Greene is a very coachable player and rebounded the ball on both ends of the floor well this weekend.

Norman Nowell – Richland Northeast HS – 3 Ball Elite (pictured on front)

Nowell came out and scored 44 points and knocked down 7 three pointers while Prep Hoops just happening to be watching his game vs the South Carolina Kings. Nowell has a quick shot release and averaged just over 12 ppg this season for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers have a new coach this season in former NBA player JoJo English.

Nowell’s 44 points were the most points scored in a game this weekend along with the 7 three pointers.

Ta’Jay Dunlap

Ta’Jay Dunlap – Westwood HS – Carolina Pressure 17U

Dunlap is one tough hombre on the floor. Dunlap sets the table for the Carolina Pressure 17U team. Dunlap isn’t afraid to sacrifice his body on the floor for the sake of the team. Dunlap hit several open shots  this weekend.

JaVon Anderson – Ridge View HS – Carolina Pressure 17U

Anderson and Dunlap are a solid duo in the back court for this talented team. Anderson a quarterback on the gridiron can really get really dialed when shooting he ball on the perimeter.

Romello Grant

Romello Grant – Stall HS – Rock Nation Impact 17U

Grant 6’2 is a undersized WARRIOR on the floor. Grant needs to be close to the basket to be effective and score on put-backs and just activity points. Grant averaged 24.7 ppg and 13 rebounds this season for the Warriors.