Part 2: 10 Best 2019 From Hoopseen’s Florida Jam


Posted On: 05/14/18 5:00 PM

Part 2


The Florida Jam was very competitive in the 11th grade division. As stated in part 1, Team Tampa surprised some teams and took home the crown. Several players stood out and rose their stock.


10 Best 2019: 

Kamalii Findley | Alonso / Team Tampa | 6’4 Forward

The MVP of  the Florida Jam! He’s a problem for opposing teams on both ends of the floor. He can shoot it from deep and mid-range, post hard, rebounds well, and defends at a high level. His stock is definitely rising after this weekend!


Klajd Kiri | Gulf Coast / Southwest Florida Elite | 6’9 Forward

Kiri was solid in every contest. He blocked shots, posted hard, and rebounded well. He has some good footwork and showcase some athletic ability by finishing with thunderous dunks on occasion.

Brandon Gainey | Port Charlotte / Florida Storm | 6’6 Forward

Gainey was a highlight reel waiting to happen. He’s a high flyer who attacks the rim with authority and he also knocks down the long ball at a high rate. He still has some work to do on his game but he’s sure to be high on some coaches radars.


Norris Taylor | Sebring / Team Tampa | 6’1 Guard

Taylor is a baller, he can do it all! He got into the lane with ease which made defenders back off so he started knocking down the three ball. He’s a bit of a combo and is effective in any of the guard spots. The same effort he gave on offense, he also gave on defense and shut opposing players down.


Max Demeus | Boca / Florida Elite | 6’1 Guard

Demeus is a natural born leader! He puts his teammates in correct spots, makes pin point passes, and creates for himself when needed. He also defends his position well by making opposing guards uncomfortable.


Ramone Woods | Victory Rock / Florida Sons | 5’9 Guard

Woods is strong and quick! He’s a smaller guard who gets into the lane with ease and has a variety of finishes. He handled pressure well and stepped up in big moments.


Jadyn Strawder | Plant City/ Team Tampa | 6’6 Guard/ Forward

Strawder is a deep threat who moves well without the ball. He fills lanes, sets his feet quickly, and has a quick release. Because of his length, he defends and rebounds well.


Stephen Knowles | Vanguard / Florida Elite | 6’8 Forward

Knowles is strong and will bang in the paint with the best of them. He goes hard at all times and will not be out worked. Knowles has a nice jump hook and an array of post moves. His hustle makes him and great defender and he also blocks shots.


Jongkor Unguec | Victory Rock / Florida Sons | 6’9 Forward

Unguec is a great defender and rebounder. He has work to do to develop offensively but his upside looks to be great.

Ahmad Johnson | Port Charlotte/ Florida Storm | 6’3 Guard

Johnson has a high IQ! He’s not flashy but he’s quite effective. He knows how to get to his spots and put defenders in bad positions for him to score. He also defends well by playing angles and beating opposing players to their spots.