NTBA 11/12th Grade Division Standout Players

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/8/18 5:43 PM

UBA Elite 2019 Guard Brian Robinson: One of the best defenders that we saw throughout the day, he is what many would call a ‘‘pesky’’ defender. Just before the half he came up with back to back to steals and quick buckets to change the momentum of the game.

UBA Elite 2020 Forward Davaris Williams: His size and strength were key in the team being dominant inside the paint, he was able to finish through contact as well as coming up with a nice amount of defensive stops.  His IQ for the game was on full display as he made good reads of the defense and made the right plays at the right time.

Flight 22 2019 Wing Cam Billups: He plays the wing spot at Fayetteville Academy and does the same thing for Flight 22. His ability to knock down the deep ball as well as slash to the basket makes him a nice asset to the team.

Flight 22 2019 Guard Kildrick Godsby: Every team need a player that brings toughness to court, and that what he brings for his team. Early on in the day he went for 19 points in a matchup with T.I.B.F and played some nice defense in their final game of the day vs UBA.

Taking it by Force 2019 Guard Aaron Sinclair: One of the leading scorers and better shooters on the day, he is known for being able to knock down a high amount of treys. This next season will be big for him recruiting wise, as he will have to provide a high amount of the offense for the Bulldogs.

Taking it By Force 2019 Brayden Collins: Another player that provides a high amount of energy and effort for his team. He’s one of the guys that you like to have on your team simply because he keeps the same amount of enthusiasm regardless of how many minuets that he may or may not be playing.