NorCal Spring Showcase: Snipers

Northern California

Posted On: 05/7/18 1:00 AM

The NorCal Spring Showcase courtesy of HoopReview and the WestCoast Elite Program, was an excellent event that allowed players to display their abilities in from of numerous college coaches from Ncaa Division 1 schools and all the way to the junior college level. This is a list of some of the top three point snipers from the event.


5’11, Pg, Aidan Demian, 2019, Branson, NBBA 17u Gray 

Aidan has a massive IQ and feel for the game. A skilled shooter who can string threes together in bunches as he shows the ability to knock down three or four straight with ease.


6’2, Pg, Cash Fulton, 2019, San Domenico High, NBBA HGSL (HoopGroup Showcase League)

A knockdown shooter as his first name implies, cash is also a very skilled passer who communicates well defensively.


6’0, Sg, Jackie Luong, 2019, George Washington High School, Bay Area Warriors Gold 17u

A lights out shooter with excellent mechanics. Capable of stringing multiple makes together with ease. He is a strong I.Q. player who uses his length to compete on defense.


5’9, Pg, Anthony Martinez, 2018, Clovis High, Oakland Soldiers Seniors

A Floor general who runs his team very well. He’s lights out shooter with deep range. Excellent in pick and roll situations make him even more lethal with the ability to make teammates better. There’s  a very high I.Q. level here  to go with the fact that he is an absolute winner who competes on both ends.


6’7, Sg, Alexandre Saleh, 2019, Prolific Prep, NBBA HGSL (HoopGroup Showcase League)

The definition of a sniper with a high arc and long wingspan. High motor who talks CONSTANTLY on the floor. He competes defensively with an ability to switch often and doesn’t foul often. Very high I.Q and a solid passer/playmaker who makes the right play.


6’2, Sg, Garrett Siebels, 2019, Casa Grande High, NBBA 17u Gray

This kids quick release and ability to heat up almost instantly are impressive. A solid passer who anticipates well on both ends of the floor by getting steals/deflections or knowing where the ball should go next.


6’5, Sg, Cam Wilson, 2018, Central High, YBA 17 Cole

Very Elite shooter with quick release and NBA range who was arguably the top shooter at the event. His wingspan allows him to shoot over defenders with ease. Very good athlete who can play above the rim with powerful dunks and in passing lanes for steals.


6’1, Sg, Sinjin Speer, 2019, Clayton Valley Charter, Lakeshow 17’s Black

The Southpaw sniper has a quick release and deep range. One of the best shooters in the event. Very skilled passer who uses his High I.Q. to help him to never be out of place defensively.


6’3, Pg, Joshua Vasquez, 2019, Bishop Montgomery High School, California Stars 17’s Elite

Very good shooter who uses his Strong skillset to let him stay elusive off of the dribble as well as the ability to make teammates better. Has a ton of length at his position at helps him impact the game on both ends.