NorCal Spring Showcase: Slashers

Northern California

Posted On: 05/8/18 9:00 AM

Livermore California was the sight where the best slashers of the NorCal Spring Showcase were able to display their particular talent for getting to the basket. Here is a quick look at some of the best attackers from that event.


6’5, Sf, Damian Guest Jr, 2019, Highland High School, La Elite 17u Premier

Strong dribbling ability and size at his position allow him to slash to the cup at will. Length helps him to finish layups in traffic and be disruptive defensively.


6’2, Pg, Connor Jackson, 2018, Dublin High, California Stars 17u Platinum

Tough minded and athletic, he is a solid passer out of pick and roll situations. An elite three level scorer who can play above the rim with toughness.


6’4, Sg, Damiri Lindo, 2019, Saint Mary’s College High School, NBBA HGSL (HoopGroup Showcase League)

An athletic slasher with a rare mix of explosive yet smooth body control. His size at the position allows him to bounce defenders away in traffic.


6’2, Pg, Jalen Washington, 2019, Bishop Montgomery, California Stars 17u Platinum

Elusive but powerful point guard who is tough to guard one on one. Strong Court vision with ability to slash to the rim. His height allow him to see over the defense where he can make plays for others.


6’3, Sg, Benjamin Barrett, 2018, Piedmont High, Lakeshow Seniors

A physical player who likes to bully smaller guards. Slashing ability is a result of a strong handle. Skilled in pick and roll settings, he sees passing lanes well and competes on both ends.


6’5, Sf, Kyle Brown, 2018, Dublin High, Lakeshow Seniors

Long athlete who can play above the rim. Slashes to the basket constantly looking to finish with powerful dunks. Plays with energy on both ends for the entire game.


6’2, Sg, Oreon Courtney, 2019, West Albany High School, Active PCH Leaders 17u

Long and athletic slasher who is very aggressive in transition. Deceptively explosive and able to play above the rim. Capable scorer at all three levels and shows nice touch on floaters.


5’11, Sg, Dwayne Ealy, 2018, Skyline, Oakland Rebels 17u Red

Explosive Athlete with a strong frame. Slasher that likes contact and has a great first step to blow past defenders. Also a good spot up Shooter and GREAT defender on and off of the ball.